New: Sell fan subscriptions on your band website


As a musician, it’s important to generate multiple income streams to support your career. So we’re excited to announce that you can now sell subscriptions directly to fans through your Bandzoogle website, commission-free!

There’s no need to create an account or profile on another platform. You can add subscriptions to your own website. With subscriptions fans pay a monthly fee in exchange for exclusive rewards and access to your music, giving you recurring revenue for your career.

Easily add any kind of content to your subscriber pages, including a blog feed, music player, videos, photo galleries, or a merch store. And when you want to send an update, you can message subscribers using the built-in mailing list tools.

Get started with subscriptions

Bandzoogle Subscriptions Set up

To get started, you’ll write a description, add an intro video, then create your tiers with prices. The feature automatically outputs a paywall page, which will be visible to your website visitors. Anyone can subscribe to your tiers on this page by clicking the subscribe button. 

Bandzoogle Subscriptions feature paywall page example

Then you can add exclusive content pages that only subscribers can access. These subscriber-only pages will automatically match the design of your website. Each tier should have its own rewards, increasing in value as the subscription price increases.  

You’ll want to offer access to things like your music catalog (streams and downloads), early access to new music and videos, exclusive or unreleased tracks, merch discounts, video hangouts, and live streaming concerts. 

And if you’re a music teacher, you can offer students access to lesson archives, song charts, monthly live lessons, and more!

Once fans start subscribing to your website, you’ll be able to see detailed reports with data on your subscribers and sales.

Bandzoogle Subscriptions feature Sales Reports and Fan Data

Build a professional website in just a few clicks where you can sell fan subscriptions commission-free! Try Bandzoogle now.

Check out this quick video to see the new fan subscriptions feature in action:

Subscriptions is an extremely flexible feature, and you can assign one page for each tier, or assign multiple pages on your website to different tiers. To help with setting up subscriptions on your own website, you can read the subscriptions feature help article here: Creating a Subscriptions Page

We’re looking forward to seeing how you use subscriptions on your website to turn your prolific creativity into steady (commission-free) income!

Check out our guide to using Subscriptions: How to sell fan subscriptions on your music website