Website design inspiration: best music teacher websites


You’ve learned music all of your life and made it your calling. There’s something so rewarding about teaching the art of music to new minds, young or old. To attract new students, and engage your current ones, you’ll want to build a music teacher website that’s well-organized. 

So how do you design a music teacher website for your students? Let’s take a look at a few examples.

Choose a modern template

Creating a music teacher website that’s appealing as well as informative is no easy task. Start by choosing a website template that is simple and clean. From there, you’ll want to consider the kind of information that you should add. This includes a bit of info about yourself, your teaching style and principles, as well as pricing and schedule information.

Once you have a good handle on content, choose some images that are relatable, and consider adding video. Your layout and design will flow from there.

Set up a clear navigation menu

Decide on the pages you’d like to add to your website. Typically, you’ll have a Homepage that offers a snapshot into the rest of your website. Then you’ll also include an about page with your musician bio. Round things out with a music page, a payments page to sell lessons or take deposits, and a contact page. 

If you are planning to sell subscriptions on your website, you can set up a page for your students to access as well.

Name your pages, and then choose the look and feel for your menu. Ciara De Leon does a nice job with a simple yet clear menu. Using a plain white font makes her pages easy to locate and click, and the selected page is highlighted in a color that matches her other links.

Music teacher website template example

Music teacher website example: Ciara De Leon

Add professional imagery 

Your music teacher website will contain lots of text content, from information about you, to lesson details. This means your design itself should be simple, so as to not distract from the important information that you want your visitors to see.

Even though you’re in the business of teaching, you can still show your creative side. Choose images or use color to show off your personality and put those into your header and content areas.

Music teacher Chayse Pannell has chosen several instrumental images for his website’s look. With a calming blue background, he’s incorporated his short bio into a text and image feature. It creates a polished layout, with colors that flow well and easy to read text. This gives the impression that a lesson with Chayse would be a professional and productive experience. He also uses a funky font for his name, injecting a bit of creativity.

Music teacher website best examplesMusic teacher website: Chayse Pannell

Use a call-to-action

Adding a call-to-action is a great way to direct your website visitor’s attention. What is the main goal of your website? To bring attention to that goal, add a call-to-action and edit the text to suit your website’s purpose.

To book more music lessons, Guitar Lessons in Southampton has added a call-to-action encouraging people to sign up. Clicking the call-to-action button brings his visitors to fill out a contact form, with questions about skill level and guitar lesson goals to get the ball rolling.

Music teacher websites call-to-action exampleMusic teacher website: Guitar lessons in Southampton

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Organize your website with sections

Each page on your website should have a purpose. To make that purpose clear, use sections as a design element.

The Sutton Music Academy does this well. They have different header images on every page, plus section colors to set off the text. Whether it’s drums or guitar, each section describes the type of lesson, cost, and lists the teachers. Giving each part of the page its own section makes every bit of information stand out, and also lends a modern touch to the page overall.

Music school website exampleMusic school website: Sutton Music Academy

Add interactivity

Videos and images are eye-catching as well as informative. Mix up your content with some videos on your pages. This could be a video of yourself teaching, a student recital, or a tour of your studio. 

Another option is to use a slideshow of images, making your pages interactive and interesting. This will help demonstrate what you and your lessons are like to a newcomer.

Fiddle instructor Celina Marie has a beautifully designed website. She uses imagery and text really well, showcasing her instrument and her achievements against a simple white background. 

Music teacher best website exampleMusic teacher website: Celina Marie

Make your music teacher website design count with a clean template, stunning images, and organized content. You’ll attract more students, and be well-equipped to inform them of what you have to offer.

Want more help designing your site? Check out our free online guide How to make a website for your music and you’ll be well on your way.