Ways For Musicians To Utilize Their EPK


An electronic press kit is a traditional promo package for the artist or band. It is in digital form, and you can find it on any music artist’s website. It is basically an online resume full of everything you need to know about the musician(s), and it is essential to making a strong first impression for any music industry professional you may be showing.

You can easily utilize your EPK to help you get more press and overall more work. When a blogger, journalist or publisher sees that you have an EPK handy, they will automatically pay more attention to you. Why? Because having your current bio, your latest music, career highlights, social media pages, and complete contact info just a click away, it makes their jobs so much easier. They don’t have to go digging for all of that info. EPK’s are just easier and more efficient all around.

This goes for radio stations and booking gigs as well. Having an EPK will significantly increase your chances of getting your music played and getting booked. Music venues, festivals, showcases, private or corporate gigs all love to see your EPK because it’s good way to pick and choose who they want in their lineup. It all comes down to professionalism and conveying an accurate, organized, and enticing snapshot of who you are as an artist.

Even if there’s not a ton of buzz about your music just yet and you’re still in the early stages of your career, it’s important to start building now so that you will be prepared when that opportunity arises! Any manager, booking agent, record label executive, publicist etc. would be very impressed to see a well put together EPK on your website.