Astronaut Boyz Brings Out the Best in Their Artists, Helping Them Succeed in the Best Ways Possible

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There’s one name in the music industry that’s single-handedly putting local artists in the limelight and bringing authentic hip-hop to the forefront. That company is none other than Astronaut Boyz. An artist management agency that incorporates a number of services from artist management to recording sessions. 

Hailing from Aurora, Colorado, the company makes use of its many talents to live by the following three principles: partner up with local artists, communicate the idea that authentic hip-hop is still alive and thriving and promote the signing of disadvantaged artists in under-served neighborhoods. Astronaut Boyz and its talented musicians thrive in all three aspects.

New artistic rap talent has been cropping up from different places over time. Astronaut Boyz aims to sign underrated artists with massive talent fostering their personal development so they can reach their full potential. One such case is their renowned in-house artist, who goes by the name of Bwillz.

As the poster child of Astronaut Boyz, Bwillz aims to act as a blueprint for the younger generations giving them the much-needed inspiration they need to press on. He signed with the Astronaut Boyz when the label was founded in 2015, and he hasn’t looked back ever since.

Hailing from Denver, Colorado, Bwillz has seen a lot of success with each musical release. He initially released his debut album called Property Over Monopoly, which garnered him a decent following and a loyal audience. He also had the opportunity to collaborate with other top artists in Denver, such as Trev Rich and Locco Dollarado. 

Bwillz has also been cooking up another project with Astronaut Boyz releasing two new tracks called “Hip Hop and “Barabbass.” Both tracks are distinct flavors of his own brand of rap. One with an old-school twist while the other is born out of a Southern influence. Despite hailing from Colorado, Bwillz has managed to combine his influences harmoniously, creating an animated persona reminiscent of TechN9ne or E-40. 

The track “Hip Hop” is an ode to the classical days of the hip-hop genre. The track has a simple beat and is very reminiscent of old-school hip-hop. Bwillz and Astronaut Boyz have always been passionate about the genre, and this is their love letter towards keeping the culture alive and well. The authenticity of the track pervades every aspect of the music, as well as the nostalgic music video that opts for a classic rugged look compared to the videos of the glitzy and flashy modern era.

While “Barabbass” is a totally different take altogether, utilizing a new school approach to rap music with a more aggressive sound. The bars and the beat Bwillz incorporates in the track have that undeniable Southern rowdiness to it, adding to the track’s overall atmosphere. The production is also a bit more complex, utilizing modern techniques compared to the simplicity of “Hip Hop.” Bwillz is also coming out with a new single on January 27 called “Count It Up,” featuring Sauce Walka and Saucewood Winnin and produced by Rezquizit. 

All in all, Astronaut Boyz has proved to be a successful music label that has been staying true to its roots since its inception. Through the years, the esteemed label has pushed new artists into the spotlight, helping them achieve their dreams and reach their full potential.

The success that they have garnered has allowed Astronaut Boyz to gain a profit that they give back to the community in the form of donations. The sales from their records and merchandise are offered to local charities that are fully dedicated to improving the lives of those around them through food drives and other events. 

Find out more about the amazing Astronaut Boyz by visiting their official website.