Ava Caceres: The Rising Music Artist Releases Her First Music Video to a Resounding Response

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Ever since she was a little girl, Ava Caceres knew that she wanted two things out of life: to create art and to uplift people. She spent her school years learning as much as she could about how she could combine both of her goals into one. Ava went from acting in school plays to singing with concert choirs. Eventually, the time felt right, and she finally decided to dive into songwriting with both of her goals in mind.

Not long after she graduated high school, she got the opportunity to collaborate with the Grammy award-winning producer Damon Sharpe. Together they created Ava’s first-ever single, “Be Somebody’s.” The song is dedicated to all the people who went through heartbreak and to those that are still persevering through the pain. The song starts off with the powerful line, “I’m the one who’s broken, so why am I prayin’ that you’re okay?” signifying the love and the pain that still remain.

As Ava Caceres expresses, the most important takeaway of “Be Somebody’s” is that it is a gift to have loved and lost. “We knew this song was special, and by taking a leap of faith we decided to create a music video featuring the charismatic Bella Thorne and the charming Charlie Depew.”

The music video is set in a theater and depicts the story of love and heartbreak and the hands of circumstance. Ava’s character seemingly falls in love with Charlie as she stares at him deeply every time he speaks. However, with a sudden heel turn, the narrative reveals that Ava imagined Bella all along and that she’s in love with Bella and not Charlie. The music video climaxes in a passionate and playful scene with Ava and Bella as they acknowledge their feelings for each other, yet painfully the scene ends in heartbreak all the same.

The video itself is a work of art, as it shows the acting capabilities of Ava Caceres as well as the directing prowess of Stephen Wayne Mallett. Ava’s first music video has managed to gain a lot of buzz on social media with over 317,000 views on YouTube, and the rising star is just getting started.

For the past two years, Ava Caceres has delved into the world of songwriting taking her experiences of writing novels and short stories at a very young age. With her storytelling capabilities, Ava makes sure that she approaches her songwriting from a narrative perspective, telling stories through her music.

Ava Caceres brings a fresh approach to music with her signature storytelling style and her theater background. The two elements combined really cemented her current belief that there are stories to tell everywhere, both within and outside of ourselves. As an artist, Ava hopes to apply these stories in a transformative way for herself and for her audience worldwide.

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