Ayestí Helps Build Individuals Hungry for Growth in the Music Business


Ayestí, born Adrian Thomas Townsel, is an American hip-hop artist from Lima, Ohio. His unique and comprehensive approach to the music business allows him to empower others to take their business, brand, and sound to the next level.

Ayestí holds a strong preference for labeling himself as an artist instead of a rapper. The distinction lies in how he combines complex melodies and catchy lyrics with rich storytelling. In creating each song, Ayestí draws inspiration from other artists like Juice WRLD, Lil Wayne, and T-Pain. He comes up with each masterpiece by putting together diverse genres and influences.

Long before pursuing music full-time, Ayestí distinguished himself as a smart and diligent young man. He was an honor roll student all the way through high school, where he studied finance and math. The decision to develop his artistry and career as a musician came to Ayestí due to various intersecting factors. Specifically, he realized that the socially imposed trajectory of going to college and working a 9-to-5 job was not for him. 

For the past two years, Ayestí received much-deserved recognition. In 2020, his hit single “Martian” became a fan favorite and was present in countless playlists. Popular YouTube channels “Royal Vibes” and “RapLayer” also featured the song. Earlier this year, Ayestí made headlines on CBS and Fox-affiliate news stations. “Mind Games,” his first single for 2021—released under his previous name 4gmusiq—surpassed 10 thousand streams in just one month.

A thirst for knowledge sets Ayestí apart from other artists in the industry. His goal is to master all the skills necessary to function as a one-person record label. So far, Ayestí has learned how to mix music, create beats, harmonize, and carry a tune. “There is nothing in the music business that I am not willing to learn and master,” explains Ayestí. In addition to music production, the artist has also acquired skills in the business side of the industry. He discovered how to make full use of Facebook ads so he can build a solid fan base for any genre.

Ayestí’s commitment to becoming self-reliant stems from his observation of present-day issues in the industry. Many prominent artists and producers benefit from traditional record label deals and remain at the top of their game. However, a significant number of musicians also end up miserable with considerable debt. Ayestí believes that successful artists should not pursue their passions in fear of being broke. His conviction motivates him to bring changes into the music business.

Taking a different approach to music production and promotion, Ayestí holds a singular position among musicians. He connects with people who enjoy, make, or need help promoting music. The artist hopes to help like-minded individuals who are equally hungry for growth. Knowing how competitive the environment is in the music business, Ayestí will guide his clients through preparation. Despite the difficulties of this mission, the artist continues to find reasons to be excited and fulfilled.

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