Brockhampton’s Album ‘Ginger’ Coming Soon: See Release Date, Tracklist and New Single ‘Boy Bye’

Brockhampton - Ginger - Music Industry Weekly
Brockhampton - Ginger - Music Industry Weekly

Brockhampton’s upcoming album ‘Ginger’ will be released in a little over a week; August 23rd via RCA Records.

View the ‘Ginger’ track-list below:

1. No Halo
2. Sugar
3. Boy Bye
4. Heaven Belongs to You
5. St. Pery
6. If You Pray Right
7. Dearly Departed
8. I Been Born Again
9. Ginger
10. Big Boy
11. Love Me For Life
12. Victor Roberts

Their new single “Boy Bye” was dropped this week which you can stream below:

Brockhampton will be performing at Day N Vegas this year, November 3. They are also returning to Australia in January 2020 to go on tour, including a handful of FOMO shows. Click here for more info.