Cardi B Releases New Single “Press”

Cardi B Music Industry Weekly
Cardi B "Press" Music Industry Weekly

Cardi B drops new single “Press” which is clearly geared towards her haters. Here are some of the lyrics: “Press, press, press, press, press / Cardi don’t need more press – Kill ’em all, put them h*es to rest / Walk in, bulletproof vest / Please tell me who she goin’ check? / Murder scene, Cardi made a mess.”

Cardi first teased the track last year around December time. She was dealing with the rumors about her husband’s affair, and she was accused of faking their split for more press, so the track appears to be her response to those accusations.

This track follows her hit song Invasion of Privacy which has gotten more attention than her usual released.

Cardi B will also be at this year’s Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival coming up in a few weeks along with Beale Street and Made in America.

Click here for dates and tickets.

Check out the new single below. Cardi B – Press (Official Audio)