Charlie Whitley Brings Positivity and Cheer Through Music

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Music can evoke a wide array of emotions in both the musician and the listener, making it such a powerful form of self-expression. The persistence of the COVID-19 pandemic and the chaotic state of current affairs can easily extinguish the last embers of hope, if not for the persevering nature of humanity. At these times, the people need positivity and uplifting content in the media, which is exactly what nine-year-old Australian singer and actor Charlie Whitley is bringing to the public.

Charlie Whitley grew up in the spotlight. The first acting and singing projects he took on were when he was only five years old. In the four years that he had been professionally performing, he has built a considerable portfolio with projects from Los Angeles to Sydney, Australia.

This young talent has starred alongside Lupita Nyong’o and Josh Gad in Little Monsters, a 2019 film about a kindergarten teacher and her class stuck in the middle of a sudden zombie outbreak. He has also appeared in commercial ads for NRMA, Holden, Big W, Freedom Furniture, and Amazon USA. He co-hosted the Nickelodeon Industry Awards in 2014, performed as a lead singer at Universal Hilton Showcase in Hollywood, CA, and TCE Showcase, and even ventured into stand up comedy as the opening act of Laughing Matters 2018, which happened in Los Angeles, California.

Charlie Whitley has a wide skill set but is currently focused on his music career. His debut solo release is titled Girl Behind the Show and was released in September 2020, and despite getting a late start this year, he is determined to make this fourth quarter productive. The singer is already working on the second and third releases, ‘Tis the Season and Took the Words, which will be released in December and January, respectively.

The child star is a fast learner by nature, and he takes pride in the near-photographic memory he has that has become useful in his singing. With adeptness in playing the guitar, piano, and drums, he creates music with a fun, energetic, fresh, and happy feel. Eventually, he hopes to join the Disney family and star in one of their shows.

Exuding positive vibes in every performance and encounter, Charlie Whitley always gives an effort of 100%. Brimming with energy and optimism, he eagerly looks forward to each day as new opportunities for him to hone his craft and share his gifts with the world. His talent and disposition leave a lasting impression on everyone who has been blessed with the opportunity to witness his performances.

“I am motivated with making people happy” is his simple answer when asked about his motivation. He focuses on making music as it is a quick way to lighten up people’s moods. With such noble intentions and an outstanding work ethic, he has dedicated himself to improving both as a singer and an actor. Despite his young age, he has grand ambitions for the future, and he will stop at nothing to achieve them.

Charlie Whitley is thankful to his parents for their unconditional support in his career in entertainment. He hopes that with himself as an example, parents of other children would consider unlocking the hidden talents that their children may possess.

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