Ella Mai Wins a Grammy: “I’ve Dreamed Of This Moment Since I Was A Little Girl”

DJ Mustard - Music Industry Weekly
DJ Mustard - Music Industry Weekly

Ella Mai and DJ Mustard caught up with Desire Thompson on the red carpet in the 2019 Grammy Awards on Sunday (Feb. 10), talking about their Grammy win for “Boo’d Up.”

Mai and Mustard took home the Best R&B song award for their track. They found out about the win ahead of the show when they had been on their way to the red carpet. Mai confesses that she went crazy, while DJ Mustard started sobbing.

“Personally I’ve desired this moment since I was a little girl. And to do it along with Mustard, as well, is amazing. ”

Questioned what’s next on her following her big earn, Mai replies, “Truthfully, I’m trying to get through tonight, and then I’ll figure out what’s following. I think there’s simply such a whirlwind of feelings going on right now, I just wish to really live in this moment, and we’ll consider tomorrow tomorrow. ”

As for how the earn feels for DJ Mustard, he states, “Which means that I knew what I’ve been talking about, and I’m happy that everybody sees exactly what I’ve been viewing in her since I signed her. ”