Heri Iznaga Takes Mainstream Pop Music With “Dancing in the Mirror”


As mainstream pop music continues to dominate the music industry, a low-key yet promising, singer, songwriter, and producer, Heri Iznaga is all-out to take a spot with the release of his first original music video “Dancing in the Mirror,” which premiered on May 16, 2020.

Heri, who is born and raised in Cuba, moved to Miami at the age of 14 with his family to pursue bigger dreams. While he took some piano and guitar lessons but never succeeded in learning the instruments, Heri fell in love with singing and producing his own music. Without any formal voice lessons, he developed his vocal range by doing a cover version of famous pop songs on YouTube. 

In 2019, he released his first debut EP “State of Flux” as an experimental album based on his personal experience of a failed relationship, which took him three years to complete. His EP contains a mix of English and Spanish songs. 

Heri’s voice is undeniably soft, soothing, and powerful in tone. While singing, he remembers his childhood memories back in Cuba and how moving in Miami has been quite challenging while growing up. With his new song and music video, “Dancing in the Mirror,” he is channeling Cuba to Iceland with this heartfelt masterpiece. 

The upbeat sounds and Heri’s enthralling voice in “Dancing in the Mirror” unravels a kind of love that still prevails, yet doubtful of its entirety. An excerpt from the lyrics goes, “You try, and can’t seem to let go / Feelings that ain’t dead no / Leaving me lost in the way / I try, and can’t seem to hold it / Feelings that I’m not good with / Why’d you ever fell in love with dancing in my head.” Watch the full music video of Dancing in the Mirror here.

With his forte in singing and producing his own music, Heri is all out now to make a name in mainstream pop music. He draws inspiration from his family, personal experiences, and aspirations. He aims to connect with his audience and grow into an influential artist in the music industry. In the world of mainstream pop music, Heri doesn’t want to be part of the status quo. He wants to be known for his unique voice that resonates with his identity as an artist.  

Heri is in the process of writing pop songs, creating, and mastering his craft. He develops and improves his singing by doing some cover versions of famous pop songs. You will see him post videos each week on his YouTube channel.

Although a newbie in mainstream pop music, Heri’s dreams are big. He wants to pay tribute to his Cuban roots and create a positive impact on his community. He is working to create music that connects everyone through the soul. He is also eager to keep in touch with his fans and receive their feedback on his latest single, “Dancing in the Mirror.”

To explore more about Heri Iznaga’s music, follow him on Spotify. Check the music video of “Dancing in the Mirror“ on Youtube.