Hoodrich $langa Combines Talent and Philanthropy to Make a Difference


Hoodrich $langa is a rapper skyrocketing to major fame. But on top of his incredible musical abilities, his personal philanthropic endeavors set him leagues apart from the competition.

Hoodrich $langa was born King Bando on April 20,1992 in Natchez and was raised in Fayette, Mississippi. At the young age of 7, young King already found a passion for making music, and little did he know that he would later evolve into a successful rap artist in the future. Growing up, he was more prominently influenced by the music of 50 Cent, Z-Ro, Twista, T.I., Nelly, and other major artists in the genre.

When Junior High came around, King decided it was time to take a step further if he wanted to make it big time as an artist. He created a rap group with close associates and started writing several songs on his own in no time. He grabbed each opportunity to perform some of his songs at his school’s pep rallies, namely Our Situation, So Fly, and Big Blocks. Even back then, it was clear as day that King was destined for bigger things in the music industry.

King is not a stranger to living a hard life, as he had to put himself through school. He had no one to call a stable parental figure and had to survive the streets. But King’s determination to overcome these circumstances was more powerful than the adversity. He wanted to turn his life around and start a better life on his own terms. So by the end of high school in 2010, he earned a welding certification to make a living.

He had a stable job in the welding business, but he never lost his passion for music. By 2017, he was still writing songs all this time and had enough money set aside from his welding job. The golden opportunity finally came for King to start investing in rental properties and his music career. In other words, he had enough saved to start investing in his lifelong dream. That same year he signed his first booking in Gulfport, MS, where he performed his singles Take a Ride and Suck It.

In his 10th year in the welding business, King already had a whopping million dollars in his bank account and started his own company, R.B.A. Records LLC. He took it up a notch and by venturing into the fashion industry that same year with his own clothing line Hoodrichthings, a collection that includes shirts, eyewear, jogger suits, and even dresses.

Landing in a more comfortable place in his life, King had the best opportunity to fully commit to his music. His career began to take off.

King started making meaningful connections in the music industry. He had the chance to collaborate with T-Rell on his single Money Talk, which was already in the works before collaborating with Nino Brown on Bust It Open in 2019. King has already become the famous Hoodrich $langa at this point and had the chance to perform Bust It Open with Nino Brown in Port Gibson and Baton Rouge.

As he comes from a complicated past, it is King’s mission to give back to his community. He prides himself as a neighborhood activist who is always on the lookout for ways to make a difference, and one of these ways is by being a motivational speaker. He takes a personal, hands-on approach in connecting with people, going out to greet, strike a conversation, motivate, inspire, enlighten, and extend a helping hand.

Another way that he gives back is through his charitable endeavors made possible by his business. Up 90% of his earnings from his products goes to charity, such as families in need during Christmas time. He also partakes in donation drives to provide bikes, clothes and shoes, dolls, remote control cars, and gift cards. And around the time that another school year starts, King initiates donation drives for school supplies, back to school haircuts, school uniforms, and shoes. It is also typical to see King helping feed the homeless by preparing meals and water and providing coats, socks, shoes for their feet, and tents for shelter.

Undeniably, King Bando AKA Hoodrich $langa has achieved incredible success but vows to remember where he comes from and never let anyone change who he is. He stated, “No matter how I continue to rise, I will never let money or fame separate me from shaking a poor man’s hand.”