How To Find Blogs That Will Review Your Music: Part 2

How To Find Blogs That Will Review Your Music: Part 2 - Music Industry Weekly

Now… we wait.

Waiting is probably the worst part of the process in your efforts to getting published. If the publication is silent for a while, don’t take it as rejection. It can usually take up to a week for the publisher to get back to you depending on their popularity.

If it takes more than 2-3 weeks for them to get back to you, then it’s plain and simple; you’ve been rejected and they don’t like your music enough to publish it on their site. No hard feelings! Nevertheless, here’s how you follow up.

  1. Leave a space of at least 2 weeks between emails. Give them time to decide if they want to cover you and how they will work you into their editorial calendar.
  2. Be polite. Don’t start sending angry emails because they didn’t get back to you. Be professional, include the original email in your message, and simply write a 1-2 line email saying you are following up on your initial message.
  3. Acknowledge their work. Before sending off that email, acknowledge that they are busy and that you appreciate their time to read your emails. Tell them that you are looking forward to hearing back from them.

Good luck!