Knight in shining armor Collaborator Donna Grantis Shares “Diamonds Dynamite” Title Track: Premiere


Donna Grantis understandably had the particular late Prince on her mind whilst making her new solo lp,   Diamonds & Dynamite, whose title monitor is premiering exclusively below.

The guitarist, a Toronto native, played with Prince as part of 3RDEYEGIRL and the New Power Generation. The girl was also working with him in a blend jazz collective that he set aside in order to concentrate on his solo piano shows before his death in 04 2016. And she was considering Knight in shining armor to produce  Diamonds & Dynamite , an eight-track arranged that takes Grantis back to the particular improvisational fusion roots she had been exploring before joining the Knight in shining armor universe.

“This was something Prince and am talked about, ” Grantis tells Billboard. “He asked if he could generate the record, which is pretty insane since the direction of the record general was really influenced him in a lot of ways. He introduced me to some whole new repertoire of jazz songs I wasn’t familiar with. ”

According to Grantis, that would particularly be Miles Davis’ fusion function of albums such as  Bitches Brew, Jack Johnson  and   On The Part.   “That’s the kind of songs that would be playing on (the PA) while audiences were coming in plus taking their seats at our own shows, ” Grantis recalls. During the time she leaned more toward  the background music of Billy Cobham and Ruben Scofield, jazz but “a bit more out on the busier side. As it pertains down to it, blues was really my basis as a player. ” But Prince’s tutelage opened some new scenery for her.

“What We loved about it was the improvisation factor, which I’ve always gravitated toward, and that rock ‘n’ roll mindset, ” Grantis says. “We can have into exploring a lot of pretty uncommon terrain and even taking some fairly standard songs but playing all of them out a lot and taking these to some pretty far-out places plus exploring different sounds. I adored that, and it really shaped the particular direction for his process therefore (Prince) was in my mind the entire time I was making this record. inch

Diamonds & Dynamite   also functions “Violetta” and “Transformer, ” a set of tracks released as a vinyl solitary during November on HockeyTalkter Information, the vinyl imprint operated simply by Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready — who also appears around the songs. Grantis met McCready once the members of Pearl Jam went to a 2013 Prince concert within Seattle, and in May of 2016 the group invited Grantis to join all of them on stage during encores at their particular Toronto shows. “They’re just awesome guys, and Mike’s one of my personal favorite guitar players on the planet, ” Grantis recalls. “We talked about collaborating and that resulted in that release on HockeyTalkter. Paul loves vinyl, as do I, plus it just looks beautiful, like artwork. ”

Grantis programs to tour in support of  Diamonds & Dynamite  and is continuing to work on songs for what she hopes will end up a prolific solo catalog. And he or she, like many others, is curious to find out what of her work with Knight in shining armor is in his vaults and will probably surface in the future.

“We recorded a ton — it was simply part of our day to day, whether i was recording rehearsals or jams or even real specific arrangements of tracks, ” she remembers. “The music that were on (2014’s)  Plectrumelectrum   are just some of the songs that are around. There’s material presently there; I’m looking forward to hearing it at some time. “