Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper’s Oscars Duet “A Star Is Born” Will Be A Happy Ending We Could Never Get

Lady Gaga - Bradley Cooper - Music Industry Weekly
Lady Gaga - Bradley Cooper - Music Industry Weekly

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s performance of “Shallow” at the 2019 Grammy Awards was so enchanting. It took the sting out of A Star Is Born losing best image to Eco-friendly Book, but it is a surreal — and unexpected — reminder of one of the film’s most tragic scenes.

Right before things take a tragic turn A Star Is Born, Ally, Lady Gaga’s character, is getting herself ready for her headlining show on the Forum in Los Angeles. This is a huge milestone for her and something she wants to share with her husband, Jackson (played by Cooper), who’s been maintaining out of the public eye carrying out a humiliating episode at the Grammy Awards and a stint within rehab.

Fically suggests that Jackson join the girl at the gig, and that this individual not only attend the display, but come onstage to enable them to perform “Shallow,” their own collaboration and the song that will launched her career. She actually is eager to give him something in order to sing and smile regarding again, and she’s insistent — “We can perform ‘Shallow’ together, the supporters will go crazy to see a person! ” — so he agrees. As we now understand, Jackson never makes it towards the Forum, but instead hangs himself in the garage of their house, as Ally, all decked out in her pop-star finest, sings a good explosive version of  “Shallow” at the piano alone.

Shades of that interpretation of the “Shallow” we noticed at The Forum seemed to include Gaga’s over-the-top presentation from the song at the IRL Grammys on Feb. 10: The aesthetics were comparable, as were the light and wardrobe choices. Nevertheless Gaga and Cooper had taken the stage at the Oscars on Sunday night, their blush-inducing chemistry, along with their noticeable admiration and affection for each other, raised another query: Could this be a toss to the happy ending all of us should’ve gotten for A Star Is Born had Knutson shown up at The Discussion board that night?