Music Industry Weekly Featured Artist: Rising Star Linards Zarins


    Linards Zarins is a Latvian-born, Spanish-based singer and songwriter whose mix of pop and R&B vocals has led him to grow a sizable and engaged fanbase.

    He has capitalized off his success through a slew of widely acclaimed covers of international superstars such as Ed Sheeran, Ariana Grande, Mabel, Justin Bieber, and more. As he began to organically grow his following on Instagram, his online presence gained the attention of producers, other artists, and A&R executives who wanted to work with him, feature him on their tracks/songs, collaborate with him as a singer, etc. Linards said that it wasn’t something that he was searching for at the time, but then decided to write and release his own music. Now he is on the list of emerging artists to look out for!

    Check out one of Linards’ recent posts on his social media platform covering The Chainsmokers, “This Feeling” that accumulated over 6 million views and counting:

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    So here’s the thing.. This song means a lot to me, would lie to you guys if I say that’s not my favourite, actually first song which made my mind that I even started to listen @thechainsmokers and @kelseaballerini EVERYDAY!!! @drewtaggart @alexpall @emilywarrennnn @sylvestermusic The song is called “This Feeling”, They all are great musicians, hope someday to collab with them, if I have the chance.. (wish me luck)🙈 I have been singing since I can remember myself, since then I realised that music is something what can’t be taken away from me.. I’m glad I have never quit singing and also started to write my own songs.. when I had a chance to go out with my friends or do whatever in life what was coming into my mind! Nowadays it’s very hard to be heard, even the greatest singers we are listening everyday, not everyone has the opportunity to get signed or just be heard all around the world (tough industry), but thank God we have social media which actually has changed a lot past few years and because of that I’m also able to spread my message, emotions and feelings through music and posting videos, getting in touch with other great singers when I want and what I want, that helps us to keep doing our thing. I know I’m not the only one who thinks the same way, but only with hard work and mega ambitions we can make it. It’s not a lie that I have been working on my debut single which actually is really cool and amazing thing what’s currently happening in my life (“for those who are asking”), obviously I would love to release my music every month, but we have to start somewhere u know.. but I’m not coming back, for suuuuure! And for those who are listening – together we can!!! Whatever it is, music, dancing, acting, sports, fashion etc.. as long as we have something that keeps us alive – we will make it! Your not alone in this! Definitely will keep posting a covers of my favourite artists so on.. Let’s do it 🙌🏽 #singing #singingcover #instasinging #sing #instagrammer #musician #instacover #music #singingvideo #singer #cover #coversong #singingislife #singingcontest #thisfeeling #thechainsmokers #kelseaballerini #drewtaggart #videooftheday #thevoice #xfactor #sing2piano

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    Linards consistently uploads videos and content to Instagram, interacting with his fans, and collaborating with artists around the world which led to a massive spike interest in his music on a global scale, gaining 150k in one month alone. 

    He is currently working with Danish Platinum selling-producer and songwriter Daniel Calvin for his upcoming music whom Linards credits as a huge influence to his musical taste. After years of carving his own musical style, Linards is preparing to release his debut single to the world, ‘Good Thing’, which underlies the growth and maturation that Linards has gone through over recent years. His distinct sound eclectically samples elements of urban, pop, latin, electric, and dance music that carve a chill yet upbeat atmosphere for listeners. 

    In Linards Zarins’ debut single ‘Good Thing’, the rising singer lays his heart on the table and reflects on the array of emotions that were felt in his past relationships. As with all intimate connections, there are moments of pure happiness and bliss, times of soul-crushing stress and sadness, and all of the passion, pride, and excitement in between. He encouraged his fans by sharing this underlying message, “Despite all the emotional turmoil that comes in relationships, we need to keep going no matter how down we feel because with every low comes a high in the future, that is just how the universe works.” Ultimately, what Zarins shares in ‘Good Thing’ is how the painful lessons learned from past relationships prepares us for the beauty that will blossom from those awaiting us in the near future. 

    Listen to his new hit single below:

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