Nora Saints Masters Music Skills to Overcome Unexpected Obstacles

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Nora Saints is a 20-year-old artist based in Atlanta, Georgia. Despite his young age, he has already been making music for about 13 years. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Nora Saints first forayed into music as the guitarist for the band he formed with his two brothers. Not long after, they disbanded and pursued other interests. The artist may have outgrown his brothers’ band, but he never turned away from his passion for music.

By the time he turned 13, Nora Saints was already a professional guitarist. However, he also admits making less than stellar songs. Over the years, Nora Saints continued to practice to master his craft. He drew insights from his experiences and explored other styles. The musician moved away from acoustic guitar songs and quickly learned to make beats and instrumental arrangements on the computer. At 16, the eager learner was running audio software and performing sound engineering.

At 18, Nora Saints found out he was about to become a father, became a father at 19, and currently he’s 20 years old. As young as he is, this only inspired him to do his absolute best all the more.

With his newfound skills, Nora Saints started doing dance challenges with his cousin. They occasionally recorded videos following the latest trends. The videos went viral, and their joint account gained over 10 thousand followers. However, Nora Saints soon realized that most of the followers only cared about his association with his cousin. This disregard for his music caused him to find his own platform.

Nora Saints began establishing his own following by putting his music front and center. After experiencing several disruptions in his career, he finally connected with people who were genuinely interested in him and his artistry. Nora Saints gained over 20 thousand followers organically through ads and other strategic marketing efforts.

When Nora Saints had his daughter at 18, he had to once again slow down on his journey as a musician. His young family required all his energy and attention. Fortunately, especially for his anticipating listeners, he has spent the last year doing music full-time once again. Inspired by artists such as Lil Uzi Vert, Pierre Bourne, and Trippie Redd, Nora Saints developed his underground rap and melodic rap style. He now records, mixes, and masters all of his songs at home.

His audience would be surprised to know that Nora Saints has only been to a recording studio twice. Unless he is working with other producers, the artist has genuinely become a one-person show in producing his music. As a testament to his prodigious talents, Nora Saints is not signed to any label or management. Instead, he releases and markets his music independently.

Nora Saints’ journey in discovering his voice and style has been a series of unexpected challenges. Throughout all that uncertainty, he exhibited the determination to rise to the occasion. A singular vision — to build a sustainable career out of his music — has guided him every step of the way. Today, Nora Saints remains optimistic about the future. He remains confident that with hard work and dedication, it is just a matter of time before everything falls into its rightful place.

Learn more about Nora Saints by visiting his website.