NY-Born, Central Texas Native “Frost G” Is the Most Controversial Rap Artist Making Headlines for His Relentless Talent in the Music Arena

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From serving a short bid in Texas Department of Criminal Justice, to receiving a handful of musical accolades and publications, and being featured on national television and radio stations, fast-rising rap star Frost G is perhaps one of the most controversial and sought-after music artists in the Central Texas region. Today, he continues to make headlines for his relentless talent and passion in the music arena, taking the industry by storm with his witty wordplay, catchy beats, and impactful delivery. 

Frost G, whose real name is Lavon Pope-Everson, is one of the top music and marketing mavens dominating the Central Texas rap arena. He is most notable for catching the eye of the famous 1017 BrickSquad Mafia, OG Mack Drama, back in 2017. Growing up, he lived life in tough neighborhoods which molded him into the persistent, ambitious dreamer he is today. After serving 4 out of his 5 year sentence, he went through a massive change in life being filled with realizations, he shifted his focus on his music career while taking care of his brother who became paralyzed after getting shot while Frost G was incarcerated.

Eventually, he became an overnight sensation on Facebook in the Austin, Texas social media groups shortly after moving from Killeen, emerging as one of the most talked-about artists in the city. Many may also know Frost G from being on the famous Jerry Springer show in its episode entitled, “Baby Mamas Hit the Bricks.”

As a rapper, Frost G has a unique ability to quickly blend knockout punchlines, clever metaphors, and creative analogies while incorporating Southern slang and snappy beats that completely show off his A-game in music. He strives to create timeless music that features a next-level hip-hop consciousness geared toward “promoting positive progression from the trenches to the corporate office.”

In 2017, he became part of OG Mack Drama’s 1017 BrickSquad management alongside his manager Ladi’vee, who ended the year 2020 with a bang as the promoted president of 1017 BrickSquad Mafia. Since catching the eye of BrickSquad Mafia’s OG Mack Drama, Frost G has been touring around, performing in shows, and going after countless campaigns. He is also a rising social media personality featured in DesertStormRadio, Thisis50, World Star Hip-Hop, Hip-Hop Overload, VladTV, NY Underground, LA Wire, News Weekly, and more. 

For this rap king in the making, he seeks to use his music to help make a difference in people’s lives. He hopes to reach the ears of people of all ages and races and bring them the powerful message of positive progression. 

At present, Frost G is continuously making his way to the headlines as his manager took over at  1017 BrickSquad as its president. But many are wondering what this milestone may mean to the rising controversial rap artist and his music career? Whether he will become the new face of the 1017 BrickSquad Mafia or not, one thing is for sure: Frost G has a grand vision for greater heights and he is undeniably on his way to reach the top.   

To know more about Frost G and his latest projects in the music industry, you may check him out on his social media platforms. 






Website: UnitedMasters.com/Frostg74