Pharaoh Sistare Gives Nostalgia New Meaning with His Classic EP Once Upon a Groove

Pharaoh Sistare - Music Industry Weekly
Pharaoh Sistare - Music Industry Weekly

Music as an art can be approached from different dimensions. For an artist like Pharaoh Sistare, who grew up surrounded by some of the most profound music influences, the power of quality vintage-laced songs can be felt in his lyrics and production. Drawing influence from music legends like Michael Jackson, Prince, and James Brown, Pharaoh Sistare delivers a captivating music style attractive to all. Starting out as a music producer, Pharaoh Sistare created beats for many other artists and delivered stellar production to keep their careers going. He became known for the quality attached to his work and how easily music audiences got hooked to the sound.

Most of his musical inspirations have a nostalgic feel to them. His sound always brings back memories from a certain time period or place, whether it be a late night disco or a beach party in the ’60s. Notably, childhood video games and movies have made a major impact on the overall aesthetic and imagination the artist possesses. Each of his songs represents a world, and in that world there’s always an unforgettable tune to dance to. ” I want to make music that gives a feeling you just can’t resist. It’s what the world needs,” he added.

Since his pivot from music production, Pharaoh Sistare has released four singles which have garnered more than 40,000 streams on Spotify as of today. Just in time for Summer, Pharaoh Sistare drops a masterpiece of an EP titled Once Upon a Groove, on June 25, 2021. Uncoincidentally, Pharaoh released the EP on the same day as the passing of  Michael Jackson, as a dedication to the King of Pop. If writing, producing, recording and engineering this classic EP wasn’t enough, Pharaoh Sistare also illustrated the colorfully enchanting EP cover. 

He recently released the music video for his first single, “Strobe Light.” An enchanting animation video directed by Pharaoh Sistare was wonderfully animated by Richmond artist W. Macwood. Pharaoh Sistare is also a great dancer who has drawn influence from the most legendary dancers in history like Fred Astaire, Bob Fosse, James brown and Adolfo Quinones. Many of his fans have described him as a mix between Michael Jackson and The Artist Formerly Known as Prince. “I dance, produce my music, and can adapt to any genre of music. Music has been a part of my life since I was very little. I was about 6 years old when I first was introduced to music production and dance. They have stuck with me ever since.” he shared. Even with such comparisons, Pharaoh Sistare’s music and style is one all his own.

Pharaoh has often been labeled as an undiscovered fashion icon for his trend setting designs and diverse use of styles. “Fashion is a lifestyle, and there are no rules when it comes to how a person wants to be seen.  I am straight. I want to change the narrative of how straight men can look, sound, act, and live” he said.

Beyond music, he has also done a bit of fashion design, such as the knit blanket cut and sew trend on social media. Pharaoh first posted it on Instagram in 2018 before a follower who had quite a large following swiped the design, made it their own, and posted it without accrediting Pharaoh Sistare to the design. 

With a burgeoning presence of an industry icon, Pharaoh Sistare aims to connect with everyone who loves to dance, and be free. “I hope my music connects with believers in the power of unity, love and imagination. People who are full of enchantment, bright, and angelic. People who love the feeling of nostalgia, and love when nostalgia makes a modernized return. Those who are inspired by nature, and by people who can fully be themselves,” he said. 

For the next few years, his goal is to become a global icon in the music industry and a well-known style influencer. With more than enough talent and creativity to storm the music industry, Pharaoh Sistare has the potential to become one of the biggest artists of this lifetime.

“Strobe Light” music video and Once Upon a Groove EP can be found by visiting his website.