Pink Sweat$ New Apocalyptic Song “I Know”: Listen

Pink Sweat - I know - Music Industry Weekly
Pink Sweat - I know - Music Industry Weekly

Pink Sweat$ looks to build on his strong Volume 1 EP in 2019. Just days after releasing his latest single, which is expected to lead into Volume 2, Sweat$ unleashed the cinematic “I Know” video on Monday (March 4) with Complex. If the apocalypse happened to be near, many would probably envision themselves on the “good” side attempting to save the world from its end.

That’s exactly the scenario the Philly native found himself in for the “I Know” visual. The clip kicks off with Sweat$ acting lethal with the sniper, taking out those infected with some sort of virus that mummifies its victims. Think This Is the End or the White Walkers from Game of Thrones, but taking place in the Wild West.

Upon returning to the safe zone, the place quickly becomes ransacked by adversaries, which then sends the 26-year-old back into action. The short film takes a final turn when Sweat$ is ambushed by a former friend who is now infected with the virus, but is eventually shot and killed. The “Honesty” singer doesn’t seem to make it out unscathed, as the clip comes to a close with his eyes illuminated in purple.

Back in January, Pink Sweat$ confirmed that Volume 2 is indeed complete. “It’s done. I finished it. I’m just trying to figure out the right timing,” he said.

Get familiar with Sweat$ by listening to “I Know” below.