Rising Artist Marco Cxupreme Shares How His Father Influenced His Career Trajectory


The influence of family in a person’s career can go a long way. Marco Cxupreme is a hip-hop artist who has been on a steady course to the top based in Dallas, Texas. He attributes his drive and passion to his father. Although he is gone, Marco has never lost sight of what his father gave him and has been working to pay his influence forward to positively impact the next generation.

Born and raised in the Pleasant Grove area of Dallas, Texas, Marco Cxupreme grew up in an environment that allowed him to showcase his evident talent in singing. His early steps as a singer came from the corridors of a church where he joined the youth choir. Gifted and passionate, Marco’s voice echoed through the building and brought chills to his fellow church members.

Everything changed when Marco was introduced to hip-hop. It was love at first hearing for him, sparking a dream to make it as an artist. By eleven years old, he started writing his own lyrics. Marco’s enthusiasm was reciprocated by his friends and family with whom he often freestyled. However, the adrenaline in making up his verses was nothing compared to his preferred method — creating lyrics. 

Throughout his teenage years, the aspiring artist shifted his attention to sports. He started to build towards a career as a professional athlete but maintained his love for music, performing in a high school band. Marco’s family supported him, however, he decided on pursuing a career in music.

Marco Cxupreme often looked to his father for guidance. Being talented in the visual arts, he never got around to building a career with his gifts. It was his passing away that made Marco realize how short life was. He decided to make the best of his time and showcase his talents to the world.

Marco took the stage name Marvelous MC in the early years of his career, performing around open mics in the Dallas music scene. He took greater strides toward his dream when he released his first studio album ‘Harmonic Kaos’ in 2019. Edging closer to his plan, Marco continued working on his craft. As an artist, he sang about stories he encountered in life, pouring out lyrics directly from his heart. However, Marco was determined to build a career in honesty.

While most hip-hop artists adjusted their stories to come off as more street, Marco Cxupreme resolved to avoid the cliche. “I’m not portraying a character that has basically been duplicated throughout hip-hop,” he explained, “I am genuinely me. Whatever comes out in my music — whether it’s a vibe, a situation, a conflict, an emotion — it’s all real.”

As an artist, Marco is constantly experimenting with his craft. From delivery to flow to the way he uses words, the hip-hop artist is always looking to change something as he strives to bring shock value to his works. Marco believes that it is essential for him to grab his listener’s attention and maintain their focus on what he is singing about, regardless of what he is saying.

Over the last year, Marco Cxupreme adopted his current stage name and released a shorter version of his debut album. He is currently set to release a new album under his independent record label, Live Dynasty Entertainment. Marco foresees growth and success with his career on course as he plans to give to charities and guide the youth. Additionally, he has his sights on winning plaques, accolades, and billboards to inspire the next generation that anything is possible.

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