Taking Indie Music to the Next Level with Ma3jor League

Music Industry Weekly - Ma3jor League
Music Industry Weekly - Ma3jor League

Indie is the genre more traditionally known as independently produced music. This classification means that artists are not stuck nor limited to what labels and their managers want for the music they create. Because of this freedom, indie tunes are more often far from the usual trends of glamour or sexy or cool tunes. The artist and producers are unrestrained in expressing their message to their listeners. Rising indie producing company Ma3jor League takes advantage of the genre by sticking to the narrative that music should be relatable to its audience.

Ma3jor League was founded by partners Kevin Briggs Jr and Sherrod Mason. Like any budding artist, they started their company in a basement in East Point Atlanta. But do not feel small with how they began as this producer is sure to make the next hits in indie music. Ma3jor League sets the bar high on the type and quality songs that should be released by artists like them. For this reason, they create a league of their own.

The individual and shared experiences of the founders Kevin and Sherrod serve as their inspiration in Ma3jor League. These same collection of experiences are what also sets them unique from similar independent organizations. Their team in Ma3jor league aspire and are determined to keep perfecting their craft. Unlike most artists nowadays who don’t put enough time into their music, they want to be focused on bringing the best to their tunes. Just like the warmth you feel when grandma cooks a homemade pie, it’s time to put taste and love into music produced. Ma3jor League brings this passion that you can hear as they prepare their new creative work, actual hardwork as seen to be included in their craft.

Their style in Ma3jor League is a combination of urban sounds and beat. They mix in some unexpected melodies and inspired cadences to surprise the listeners. Whatever is perceived to be the “new wave” now is not how Ma3jor League wants to sound. They adhere to staying grounded in the message they tell and the manner this story is being said. They stick to real-life experiences to make their music appealing to the broader and more diverse audience.

Anyone who can relate to the message that is narrated in their music is their chosen crowd. Ma3jor League believes that demographics don’t matter. What you’ve been through and how you want to feel or think in that period in time, be it happy, melancholic, proud, or painful, is what most would easily choose if given options. A mirror that reflects our reality is the musical style they in Ma3jor League aspire to achieve. This technique is what they peg in making their next chart-topping tune.

Just recently, Ma3jor League has launched its debut single, “Goin Out Sad”! Listen to it now available in all music streaming sites through this link: https://songwhip.com/song/ma3jor-league/goin-out-sad and stay tuned for their latest updates through @ma3jorkjay.