TBT: Bill Frisell, James McNew, and Jim Woodring “Dark Star” / “Comes the Time”

Bill Frisell - Music Industry Weekly
Bill Frisell - Music Industry Weekly

Here’s a little #TBT action with this incredible jam featuring Bill FrisellJames McNew, and Jim Woodring doing a wildly jazzy and droned-out spacey version of the Grateful Dead classic “Dark Star” and “Comes a Time” on October 5th, 2014 in Seattle WA.

James McNew, Bill Frisell, and Jim Woodring
Offhand Gestures: An Evening of Spontaneous Creation
Town Hall, Seattle WA

Recorded by Steve Kennedy-Williams
BSC1-SubCardioid ~ Denecke PS-1 ~ Sony M10
Reaper ~ TLH ~ FLAC