There are various types of people that will go to your website. From your current enthusiasts, to potential new followers, as well as media, bookers, along with other members of the industry. However they’ re all probably looking for different content.

Your supporters might go to your website to see your latest news, in order to buy your new music. Media plus industry are looking for your formal bio, promo photos, and also to read reviews.

To make it easy for mass media and industry to find the details they need, the best thing to do will be create an Electronic Press Package (EPK) section on your website .

Exactly what should you include in your EPK? Here are 8 things that ought to be in every musician’ s digital press kit:

1 . Bio

The first component to include in your EPK will be your biography . Bookers and celebrations have different needs plus word limits for bios, so it’ s the good idea to incorporate different versions . You could have an elevator pitch (1-2 sentences), a short bio (1 paragraph), a medium biography (2+ paragraphs) and a lengthy bio (4+ paragraphs).

2 . Pictures

Following, you should have a section in your EPK with downloadable photos. These types of should be your official promotional photos . Make them hi-resolution , and offer a variety of choices, from live shots in order to posed band pictures.

It’ t a good idea to have vertical and horizontal choices , and even black & white variations available. You may also include your most recent album or single include image , which can be ideal for reviewers.

3. Music

You’ ll obviously need to have got your latest music obtainable to stream on your EPK. You can also consist of links to Spotify or even Apple Music so they can pay attention on their preferred streaming system.

Several bands choose to password secure their EPK pages to provide free downloads of their songs. Making your EPK readily available is important. So if a reviewer wants to download your complete album or EP, condition clearly who they can get in touch with to get a copy.

4. Video

Media websites often embed videos associated with artists they’ re addressing to help make the article more interesting. Venues and festivals love to use video on their sites to promote artists they’ ve booked. So be sure to embed a few of your very best videos within your digital press kit to be able to easy to find high-quality videos.

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5. Articles and reviews

It wouldn’t become a press kit without several press! Article links to your best evaluations and interviews . Yet don’ t assume that individuals will click on each post and read them completely. Be sure to draw the best quote from every review and include it beneath the link . You can add a good visual touch by which includes logos of the media resources next to each article or even review.

EPK Example: Turbocharged Street Funk Press Quotes Turbo Road Funk EPK

6. Career highlights

Anything that will help give positive context for you and your music should be within your digital press kit. In case you won any kind of awards, charted on stereo, had success on loading platforms, or even performed on noteworthy festivals , consist of that in your EPK.

7. Get in touch with info

Include detailed contact home elevators your EPK page to get everything in one place regarding media and bookers.

Have contact info for every member of your team , whether it’ s your own booking agent, manager, or even publicist. Of course , many music artists handle these roles them selves. So in that case you can include your primary contact info for push and booking inquiries.

EPK Example: Flara K Get in touch with section

8. Social media

And finally, the social links in your EPK . This way visitors have the ability to the links right there to check out your own social media presence. You don’ t have to overdo this. Only list the social media marketing platforms that you are most participating in.

Once you’ ve put together your EPK, you’ ll be set to begin booking more gigs, plus making it easier for mass media and industry to promote your own music!


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