The Gripping Story of Sancy Shaw Continues to ‘Shine On’ With Lost Hollow’s Tribute

Music Industry Weekly
Photo Credit: Max Ellis

Even after her passing, Sancy Shaw of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, continues to shine on. Last week, the immense music talent duo, Lost Hollow, comprised of Tommy and Lorrie Harden, released their first single, “Shine On,” as a tribute to Shaw, whose life was tragically taken by a repeat drunk driver.

Sancy Shaw inspired people with the way she lived her life, with the way she loved her family, and with the way she touched the communities in both Clark and Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Her story inspired Nashville-based band, Lost Hollow, to release a fitting tribute to her, as their first single.

Lorrie said the couple has followed the Shaw’s heartbreaking story through the Facebook posts from longtime friend Greg Peterson, who still lives in South Routt. Peterson reached out to the Hardens hoping the band could help him pay tribute to Sancy, who was killed in a car crash on Interstate 70 near Genesee on Christmas Eve.

When they called me and told me about it, I was blown away, and I was touched that they were doing it in honor of Sancy,” Brett Shaw, Sancy’s husband, said of the effort to produce the song. “It’s a memorial type song for Sancy that has been created by my friend Greg Peterson and Tom and Lorrie Harden from the band Lost Hollow. This song has blessed our lives.”

“Shine On” tells the gripping and heartbreaking story of Sancy Shaw, an adored wife and mother of four, tragically taken soon by a drunk driver. On Christmas Eve last year, Sancy was on her way home from the clinic with her six-year-old daughter, Charlee, when they were struck by another vehicle. The driver with four prior DUI offenses was once again found to be under the influence of drugs and alcohol. The drunk driver and Sancy were killed, but Charlee survived, sustaining severe injuries.

The single’s accompanying video, newly released, has had over 3,000 shares and well over 400,000 views.

I called them with an idea as part of a crowdfunding effort,” Peterson said in an interview with Steamboat Pilot. “So I called and told them that I want to write a song, but it’s going to be uplifting, and it’s going to be about Sancy … The talent was clearly Lost Hollow. I was the point-the-finger guy.”

Lorrie and Tommy, who have six children of their own, said the Shaws’ story struck a chord. Peterson provided the couple with some ideas and background on Sancy.

I wanted to bring awareness in a positive light,” Lorrie said. “She was such a beautiful, strong, spiritual woman that the community embraced and loved. It was important for me — that even though she is gone — that her light is going to shine on through everybody else that was able to get in touch with her.”

Lorrie Harden grew up in the Yampa Valley and graduated from Steamboat Springs High School in 1981.

Her husband, Tommie Harden, a Nashville “A” team studio musician, moved to the music city in ’91 and during his time there, has played an estimated 10,000 recording sessions, with artists such as Taylor Swift, Alan Jackson, Reba, Waylon Jennings, Lo Cash Cowboys, Jessica Simpson, Big & Rich, John Anderson, George Jones, and countless others. He played on the No. 1 song, “I Drive Your Truck” among many more.

Tommy has found himself on stages at the White House, Good Morning America, The Today Show, The View, Ellen, Oprah, Regis & Kelly, Tonight Show, David Letterman, and even has a screen credit in the film, “Muscle Shoals.”

As Nashville songwriters, Tommy and Lorrie got two cuts on Reba’s double platinum album, “Duets.” Fun fact—they even had a song they wrote performed at the Kennedy Center with Reba and Carole King in front of the President and entire nation on NBC, making it out to be the only outside cut to ever get on a Carole King project that she herself didn’t write.

The single, written by both Tommy and Lorrie, will be available on the upcoming August 26 release Looking for Happy album. The single can be downloaded here with 100% of the donations going to the Live Like Sancy –The Sancy Shaw Scholarship Fund.