“The People Have to Know” -Soulja Boy Doubles Down that He Inspired Drake’s Swag.


Soulja Boy feels that he is fully responsible for almost all the biggest stars in hip-hop, and it is listing the reasons why he’s the “Godfather” of hip-hop.

We ran into Soulja in NYC after his Wednesday morning interview with The Breakfast Club, in which he also went in on Kanye West. The “Crank That” star doesn’t hold back when asked about Drake stealing his swag. “I know he do, check the Instagram, ” Soulja confidently said while pointing out lyrics he claims Drake copied verbatim.

Even though he’s producing the record, it’s known that Drake jacked his vibe, Soulja says, “I respect him.” He claims there’s simply no beef, but, “the people have to know exactly where the swag and flow came from.”

Soulja laughs at critics who also have never taken him seriously throughout his career and also revealed that rappers like Ice-T and Snoop Dogg were very hard on him during his early years.

Still, Soulja takes it all in stride while listing the 5 artists he thinks are the greatest in rap. If you guessed Soulja just called himself 5 different ways as the greatest, then you definitely would be wrong. He also listed Drake.