Tove Lo Premiers Official Video For ‘Glad He’s Gone’

Tove Lo - Official Video Debut - Music Industry Weekly
Tove Lo - Official Video Debut - Music Industry Weekly

Tove Lo travels the world while singing to her best friend on the phone in the clever “Glad He’s Gone” video.

Directors Vania Heymann and Gal Muggia portray how deep the love is between best friends, and how it truly trumps any bad relationship. Tove Lo was out at brunch when she received a call from her friend who’s just broken up with her toxic boyfriend. She leaves to go trek the globe in attempt to find her and comfort her.

Lo said that this video might be the best work she has ever done. She said, “It tells the story of the song SO WELL while being a bizarre mini action movie. I loved working with the directors Vania & Muggia, who came up with this genius idea. The four day and night shoot in Kiev was very intense but with the best and most hard working crew! If anything, it made me realize how much I love acting (and that I’m a real committed friend haha).”

The single appears on her upcoming fourth album, Sunshine Kitty, due out later in 2019. Watch Tove Lo’s “best work” below: