Tyler, The Creator Releases Humorous Official Video For His New Hit “Earfquake” – Watch Now


Tracee Ellis Ross guest starred in Tyler, The Creator’s new official video for his hit song “EARFQUAKE.” Tyler dropped this bomb after his new album Igor hit the market March 17.

In an interview, Tyler admitted that he’s still a fan of listening to his own music. He said, “I make music I want to listen to. I love this album. It’s my favorite so far of mine. I’m not saying it’s the best, not saying that it’ll be a fan favorite, but so far it’s my favorite because it’s the potent core of everything I love musically, from the shit I loved when I was 5, to what I found when I was 14, to what I’ve gotten into in the last two years. It’s good.”

Check out the “EARFQUAKE” video below: