Up-and-Coming Artist J-Rich to Release Debut Album Very Soon


Young and up-and-coming performer J-Rich is all set to launch his EP album called, “The Depression.” Listeners are up for some ear candy as the EP promises more of what the R&B artist is best known for.

Soulful and groovy are two sides of the tune scale, but listeners somehow get a feel of both through Jermel Richardson’s music. J-Rich has been writing music since he graduated high school at eighteen. Many of his songs have seen a good level of success, making waves on streaming service Spotify. His page currently gets over 7,000 plays a month

Some of his songs on Spotify include “Spend the Night,” “Keep It Inside,” “Voicemail,” and the “The One.” J-Rich’s most notable track to date is “Heartbroken” which also features artist Lc2Crazy. Jermel also currently has other tracks streaming on other platforms. Those songs include “Rida,” “City of Chicago,” “Show Me Something,” and “No More Lies” to name a few. Not too long ago, Jermel made it to the top ten ReverbNation charts after floating around the top 40 for a few months. 

Jermel Richardson is from Chicago. His goal is to make music that people can dance to and simply enjoy in general. Richardson has a lot of ambition and that’s what mainly what drives him to hustle and work hard to get his music out to people he wants to reach out to most. 

What sets J-Rich apart from other young artists in the industry is his willingness to learn from different artists from various categories. He often crosses between the fine line between R&B, hip-hop, new wave and other genres as well. He also has the ability to compete with other hits in the industry. Jermel is known to be very down to earth when interacting with his fans.

With the birth of his debut album, “The Depression,” J-Rich looks to showcase his personal journey through the ups and downs that he’s experienced. Moreover, the album aims to cover a cascade of various emotions for listeners all over. Songs of the album cover everything from depression to the joys of life. With that, it’s highly likely that anyone and everyone can relate to the message of the album. 

“The Depression” was originally set to launch back on 15th of March, but some issues came in the way of the full release. But now, J-Rich is back with a resolve to finally get the EP Album out through various channels. 

The topic of depression is a relatively new theme in the hip-hop and R&B community. But with this fresh outlook, the artist is excited to see how fans in this musical sphere will respond to the hard-hitting realities of mental illness, isolation and hardship, most especially in challenging and unprecedented times such as this. This album is Jermel’s largest project to date and the musician couldn’t be more thrilled to share his music and this message to listeners.

“The Depression” is coming up on different platforms quite soon. Get updated about specifics on the launch by following J-Rich on Instagram and Spotify