Use beautifully engaging images to make your music website pop


So you’ve been writing some music and want to book shows for your band. You’re in need of a professional calling card to send out to venues. But you don’t yet have those perfect images to showcase yourself as a brand, online.

Well, you’re in luck – we’ve just added more than 50 new stock images to help take your music website to the next level!

Finding a great photographer or even just getting all of your bandmates together in the same room is sometimes challenging. Eventually, you will want to get a few prize shots that convey your music in one glance.

In the meantime, using stock images as a placeholder is a nice way to get your website ready. You can create a design, nail down your .com address and then replace those images later, if you want.

In some cases, stock imagery is your best friend – you can easily convey what you’re all about as a producer or beat maker, or a recording studio with a few high quality photos. No fuss, no muss – just grab the turntables or mixing board photos and you’re good to go.

So where are the key places on your website to use imagery? Let’s dive in.

Make the header count

With many websites, the header image is at the very top of the page. It’s the first thing your visitors will see and it needs to convey some sense of your music, or at the very least, be crisp and clear.

If you don’t have a band image yet, use a textured image (and add a call-to-action over it) for a cohesive feel. You could also use an image that includes live performance, instruments, turntables, mics and gear, for example.

Music website template stock imagery

To give that image a bit more of a unique feel, set an image filter over it. Think: a soft neutral wash for a singer-songwriter, a cool color for a tribute band, or grayscale for a rock band.

Use imagery to choose your colours

Your main image is often the largest image and it’s what will grab your visitors’ attention first. If you’re drawing a blank on how to begin to designing your website, go ahead and choose a stock image that you like. Then look at the colors in it, and pick those out for your text, background colors, links, and buttons.

If you’re a beats producer, go for a darker, simple theme, while a pop music artist might opt for something a bit lighter or more bold.

You can always replace the image later and keep the same colour palette. Or use something generic enough that you can keep it on your website for a good while.

Music website template images

Set the focal point

It’s super important that your website is eye-catching, but it’s also got to be mobile-friendly. With a stock image (or any image), be sure to set the focal point so that your screen will smartly adapt the image to work on a portrait device like a phone.

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Section backgrounds

Make your website look super modern with sections to separate your content. Add an image to any of your section backgrounds, and decrease the transparency so that it sits nicely behind your content.

A crisp stock image of a crowd or an instrument will help convey your message with a nice visual.

Section background stock image

Text and Image feature

This handy little feature combines text and an image in a few different preset layouts. Grab a stock image and use this alongside some text on your About page, your Press Kit page, or even your Contact page to give it a little polish.

About page image and test

New stock images

To help you build your website even faster and more easily, you can insert these stock images anywhere you need. They will work on any template, and once you’ve added a main image, you can change up the template in a snap to see what suits your music.

With more than 50 new images right at your fingertips, all you have to do is click ‘stock photos’ in the image chooser. Then look through and pick one (or two, or three) that works for you.

A balance of images with text will help your design come together quickly and seamlessly. So go ahead and add some stock images to yours!