Ally Brooke On Why New Single ‘Low Key’ Was ‘The One’ & How She’s Feeling Like a ‘New Woman’


“I’m actually in just the happiest space ever”

Ally Brooke tells the Billboard Pop Shop Podcasting.

“It had been a pretty magical moment exactly where I felt, ‘this really is it, I found her. I discovered the one! ”Ally Brooke says about listening to the single “Lower Key” for the first time.

“I was prepared along with another single, so we had been almost ready to hit the particular go button on that will but… we couldn’t get it perfect,” the singer tells the particular Billboard Pop Shop Podcasting about how she changed programs and opted to release “Low Key” as the girl first official solo individual. (Listen to the full 20 moment interview, below. )

“My supervisor calls me and he’s like, ‘Friend, oh my gosh, I discovered this record. I just believed it and it’s incredible. All these amazing songwriters are a part of it. Ruben Ryan, Julian Bunetta, Ian Kirkpatrick, Teddy Geiger. You have to hear it and if we are able to get it for you, it’s going to be your solitary. ”

“I was like, ‘oh my gosh, that’s amazing, let me listen to it.’ So he or she played it for me the following day and as soon as I obtained done with the first listen I had been like, ‘wow.’”

“Low Key,” offering Tyga, is definitely Ally’s proper intro as a solo act, pursuing the announcement of Fifth Harmony’s hiatus last year. Interestingly, Omarion wasn’t initially prepared to be part of the track, however “magically, the superstars aligned,” she states.

Originally, the particular song didn’t possess a spot for a rap function, but executives at Ally’ s record label recommended that perhaps Tyga can hop on the track. The girl thought it was a great idea so when she got the monitor back with him onto it, she says, “I had been blown away. He freaking annihilated that song in the easiest way possible… He made the particular record so much better. He brought a new life into it. ”

Omarion joined Ally for the track’s glossy music video clip, filmed at the Los Angeles Theater in downtown Los Angeles. (Where such movies as Fight Club and Charlie’s Angels have been shot, together with Mariah Carey’s “Heartbreaker” video. “What?! Yes! Queen Mariah! Which is awesome!” Ally announced after the Pop Shop informed her the video was filmed exact same location.)

As for the storyline of the video clip, Ally says, “We knew from the beginning — I had been like, ‘I want this to be a story. I don’t want it just be myself in front of lights singing. I would like it to be a concept.”

It is “basically a tale of me being in the dance room, getting ready for the big audition,” Fically says. Then, a key sort of romance blossoms in between Ally and a fast-dancing man, and of course, there’s the choreographed dance number concerning Ally and her main character.

Is “Low Key” part of a bigger album project on the way?

“Yes definitely, it’s definitely element of a body of function,” Ally says. “As far as plans for an photo album, I think we’re simply going to see how this does then kind of go from there, most likely do another single. Probably an EP, maybe a good album. Eventually of course, I am talking about, I want to do a project. There definitely will be (more music). I’m really looking forward to that. This will be the foundation of it all. ”

As for Ally’s mission with her songs in general? “I want individuals when they hear my songs to feel good about themselves and to feel positive and confident.”

What has it been like going through the whole procedure for making and releasing songs solo for the first time? Before, the lady had her fellow 5th Harmony members to rely on to make decisions and to reveal responsibility for those decisions. Great she gets to make her very own decisions, but it’s all on her. So, what’s that whole procedure been like for her?

She states that it’s really a “full circle” moment, considering that before 5th Harmony began, her parents were looking to get a solo career choosing her in Los Angeles — recording in “dingy” studios.

“I’ve had to undergo a lot to get to this point,” Ally says “I am talking about finding my identity, getting my confidence again, plus finding my voice. Actually my singing voice and how I needed that to sound, but additionally my voice as a lady having opinions, speaking up…

“Therefore, right now… I am so overjoyed with the team that I possess, the label that I possess, the people in my circle… Much more such a difference. They are so positive and they’re so real, plus they collaborate with me. You know? It’s never like “you’ re doing this and that’s it.” It’ s like ‘hey, we think you should do that. Or ‘we adore this idea, what do you believe?’ And we go following that. And most of the time we concur with each other and it’s just so awesome in order to feel empowered and I’m just a new female now so I’m able to be confident in what I’m doing and be backed even through… even if I’m scared or anxious, I’m there to become supported, whether it’s from my manager(s) … to my parents. It’s all a family. I’m actually in just the most happy space ever. I discover this being so beneficial and liberating. ”

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