Amanda Wilkinson Inspires with Her Story, Voice, and Lyrics


For everyone who has life and is experiencing life in a certain way, there is a need to share one’s story to an audience that is hungry to hear and needs to be inspired by such success stories. One music artist whose music comes from her personal experiences through different stages is Amanda Marie Wilkinson, who shares relatable and inspiring stories through her voice and lyrics.

Amanda Marie Wilkinson is an actress, singer, songwriter, graduate nurse, and businesswoman who hails from Houston and has been living life passionately through her creativity as an artist. Amanda’s creativity over the years has expanded her reach from television and film, where she began to share her voice through music and songwriting.

Amanda’s most significant personal and professional platform is Unity with Community, where she is committed to giving back to the community whenever possible. 

“If you view everyone as your competition, how are you building? You will always be holding yourself back otherwise. I do not look at anyone as my competition but as an opportunity for collaboration. Unity with Community!” Those were the words of Amanda Marie Wilkinson when asked about how she handles competition. 

Amanda believes that as an individual human, she is enough tans although she may doubt herself and her ability sometimes, she realized that every human is built differently. “We hold a different set of skills, talents, and tools. Therefore, when we collaborate and share these, we are only building and thriving.”

Amanda explained her authenticity and desire for autonomy motivated her to build a brand for herself. In her words, “Never let yourself nor your vision go to the opinions of others. Team building is important and must be reciprocated through appreciation and respect for the talents and individual skill sets. Collaboration is everything to thrive, but not letting others steer you in a direction that you do not intend to go. It is your name, your presence, our fulfillment, and your peace.”

Amanda understands that although possibilities are endless, opportunities, and pathways are given. And while she knows that her imagination is finite at the moment, continuing to live passionately and never stop learning is the only way she can get closer to her goals. One expectation she has for five years is to know more, know better, and be better every day. Every step taken along the way is life-changing.

Her newest music single, “Taking My Time,” debuts on May 28 on all music streaming platforms. A song she wrote about taking steps back and taking back the necessary time needed most for one to be in that great place (that everyone strives for), especially when most of one’s time is taken or given to something or someone else, and may or may not be for one’s greatest good. “A feeling of being understood, supported, empowered, and most importantly inspired. Through my music, this is all I ever want to share with others,” she concluded.

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