Ammon Rose Rising to Greater Heights as a Musical Sensation

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Music is the language of the soul, and artist and singer Ammon Rose is a linguist of another level. The musician hails from the small town of Bountiful Utah, but there’s nothing small about the musician’s potential as he aims to reach musical stardom. 

At only twenty-five years old, it’s easy to dismiss the young and aspiring artist. But he has everything it takes to become an established musician with music that will impact many lives and entertain the world many times over. He’s humble and straightforward, but his talent is unmistakable. Listening to Ammon Rose brings a blended feel of the music of Ed Sheeran, Maroon 5, and Jon Bellion, who are some of Ammon’s biggest influences. 

Growing up, Ammon learned to celebrate music as a form of entertainment and expression. He fell in love with music as it allowed him to express his deepest thoughts and feelings. Everyone around the prodigy knew that Ammon had musical talent, unlike any other. His voice could quickly enrapture an audience even when he was young. 

Ammon has a strong tenor of a voice, and that gave him chances to pursue his passion through middle and high school choir participation. The training he got from that phase of his life allowed him to grow technically, all the while also preparing himself to become an artist. Ammon started independently, performing on the same stage as well-known bands and acts such as Neon Trees and Imagine Dragons. He worked tirelessly to develop his voice, write original material, and develop his showmanship. Today, he is slowly reaping the benefits of years of hard work. 

On July 1, 2020, Ammon released his first single and official release entitled “It’s Over” featuring Abstract. Within the first week of its release, the song gathered over 7,000 streams on Spotify alone and helped Ammon gain a following of over 4,000 monthly listeners. The song is currently making rounds all over radio stations and other online streaming platforms. “It’s Over” continues to reach thousands of listeners around the world until today as its reach continues to grow. 

Following the rise of his musical influence, Ammon entered his music into a contest held by the music legend and mogul T-Pain. His song caught the attention of curators and got selected over thousands of submissions. Curators labeled Ammon as “The Next Big Thing” after 80 percent of listeners rated his music as “fire.”

One of the strongest points of Ammon’s music is the masterful wordplay. His writing encapsulates listeners’ emotions in a way that only veterans can. “I focus on my lyrics to best portray my emotions and my thoughts going through my head during the moments I sing about,” shares Ammon. “I feel like songs today focus more on the instrumentation than the lyrics, and that’s where I feel I stand out. Once I’ve done the lyrics, I focus on the music to match it.” 

With so much more to offer and many more plans on his mind, Ammon is just beginning. Following the success of his debut single, he looks to write, record, and release more tracks for his exponentially growing fan base to enjoy. 

To learn more about Ammon Rose, visit his Instagram. You can also listen to his song “It’s Over” on Spotify and YouTube Music.