Rome on His Conquest Towards the Art of Music

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Rome is the artistic persona of Dion, who believes in the power of poetry and rawness to communicate with people. The lyrics and melodies in Rome’s music resonate with the personal experiences of Dion Kearney, who, ever since he was young, struggled through family, love, and self-growth.

Born in Newark, New Jersey, Rome’s childhood was shaped by a shattered family. Growing up, he had no parents to look up to as drugs and alcohol almost destroyed them. Rome found solace and confided with his grandmother for love and support. He was a high school football star and was about to sign to a division 1 school when he decided to fly on a one way ticket with no money to take a casting call and audition for a film in Dallas, Texas. He booked a minor role in the film and found a new home. However, for the next couple years, he had difficulty to further his chosen career as an actor even with his almost big break on the soap “Young and the Restless”. Traveling from one state to another, he was never settled. The sudden death of his grandmother pushed him to discover himself. As a way of coping, he transferred for one last time to Los Angeles and, thus, the start of Rome.

Dion moved to Los Angeles on his premise to explore a career in music, however, in the different persona of Rome. His discovery happened while working at the Hollywood Wax Museum. With blank receipts and a pen, he stared at the boulevard and found the word “souvenir” at a gift shop. That kind of eureka moment, he wrote lyrics which will be Rome’s first single “Trophy”. Every day he worked, Rome wrote lyrics on the blank receipts on his breaks and in dead traffic times. He is transforming the lyrics into melodies. Deriving more inspiration from his experiences, Rome uses poetry and truth in his music to create a deeper connection.

Rome’s music challenges the status quo. He has the ability to see things at a deeper level and evoke emotions from a genuine standpoint. He speaks of the truth since he believes that channeling the soul is the only way to create a connection with people. He creates music on themes of deep raw dark trap rap with a fairytale-ish vibe, taking credit for his upbringing in the streets. He aims to connect to those who believe in the profound relationship between real lyrics and bass boosting melodies, thus, falling in love with its uniqueness.

Aside from expressing his heart’s desire, Rome’s mission is to inspire others through his music and create a positive impact in the world. He is an advocate of self-growth and love. Coming from a family shattered by drugs and alcohol, Rome is spreading awareness of the adverse outcomes of such vices. He believes that everyone should show love and care to each other. And must perceive life as an opportunity for self-growth. Through his music, he envisions building a community for those who feel lost, uncertain, but still want to make a change in their way of life.

Rome is currently exploring the creative process of his music and has such a potential to make a huge impact in the music industry. He is always open to anyone who shares the same perspective. He gets inspiration from his experiences and the darkness of this world and translates them into music. You may connect with him by sending an email to his team and checking out his website,