Fame in Four Steps, Isabella Bedoya Hacks the Music Industry with The Fame Hackers

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Being an artist in the music industry is tough work; it takes a lot of effort to get noticed and capture a loyal fanbase. Independent artists have it harder too. Without a proper label backing them up, it gets extremely difficult to get the right deals and the right gigs. Luckily, Isabella Bedoya has taken it upon herself to provide a solution for independent artists everywhere. Her ultimate goal is to help independent artists establish profitable music careers so they can monetize their passion and do what they love for the rest of their lives.

This is why Bedoya has established a four-step approach for musicians that want to go from “starving artist” to  “self-made” superstars. She does all of her consulting through her own company called The Fame Hackers. She got the inspiration by working as an A&R for a major label in Los Angeles, California, and she uses her industry experience along with cutting-edge strategies to help musicians make money by making music. She helps recording artists with their music careers by establishing a strong foundation that attracts their loyal fan base, monetizing their music, and maximizing their exposure.

She has worked with many celebrities, influencers, and award-winning industry professionals over the past five years. Bedoya definitely knows the ins-and-outs of the industry, and she knows certain hacks towards clear-cut success. She has helped a few artists become viral sensations through The Fame Hackers, and she continues to do so through her breakthrough four-step approach.

She has been invited to speak at the Musicians Institute and has been interviewed on the Beat the Clock Podcast. Her reputation precedes her as she has also been published on a few popular news outlets, such as US Reporter and LA Wire, to name a few. Before The Fame Hackers was established, there was no clear industry standard on how to achieve success within the music industry. Although independent artists are on the rise, there is a lot of confusion on what steps other artists can take to actually emulate their success. However, Bedoya has created a real breakthrough with her methods, creating a clear-cut formula for her clients to follow-through and ensure massive success.

Many independent artists often struggle to start following their passion due to the lack of sustainability. Through The Fame Hackers, they can freely monetize their music careers, allowing them to become profitable and, in turn, all the more sustainable. The Fame Hackers is a culture-forward company that believes in the dreams of its artists. They firmly believe that musicians deserve their music to be heard, all while earning an income from their talents that will provide for them and their families. With the digital age, the lack of resources, lack of connections, or even lack of being signed to a label should not be reasons why artists do not pursue their dreams in music.

The Fame Hackers is an acronym for their proprietary four-step approach for their clients to follow. FAME stands for Foundation, Audience, Monetization, and Exposure. This means that in order for an artist to make money with their music, they must first start by establishing a strong foundation to build on. Then, they will be able to understand their audience and know how to attract their loyal fans. At this point, all that’s left to figure out are which revenue streams are best depending on the artist, and create sustainable offers for their fans. Lastly, in order to continue growing and increasing the musician’s bottom line, they must drive more traffic and increase their exposure both digitally and offline.

In a nutshell, the level of fame that an artist aspires to reach is directly proportional to the goals that they wish to accomplish through their music. Isabella Bedoya has created so much value for her clients using her tried and tested methods. Independent artists are definitely lucky to have The Fame Hackers to guide them through the harsh industry that they are about to embark on.

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