Andrew Akler and Christian Ladigoski: New York’s Iconic Award-Winning Duo

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The entertainment industry is home to some of the most creative minds in the world. Within the field of talented geniuses is the iconic duo Andrew Akler and Christian Ladigoski. While they have reached significant milestones as individuals, their collaboration is regarded by many as the dream team in the business.

Known for their works in TV, film, and music, Andrew Akler and Christian Ladigoski are two of the most sought after composers in New York City. They have created musical scores for Lifetime Feature films, along with a multitude of award-winning shorts. The duo has also been invited to speak at prestigious film festivals such as Dragon Con International Film Festival. With a shared experience of over 20 years in music composition and 15 years in filmmaking, they are, without a doubt, a force to reckon with.

Andrew and Christian have made creative contributions across the country in their collaborations. They maximize the strength of two talented minds to bring about never-before-seen projects. “We have collaborated together for over eight years on film and music projects and have recently become an in-demand team for filmmakers and musicians who want unique and original music for their projects,” said Christian. 

Matching Andrew’s and Christian’s creativity is the efficiency to tackle multiple projects at once without compromising quality in every aspect. Together, they seamlessly produce creations that have satisfied clients, viewers, and listeners over the years. “We always joke about being the #dreamteam but have been surprised to learn that out collaborators really do feel that way as well,” said Christian. 

Their incredible work ethic is a product of their authentic passion for music, filmmaking, and storytelling. Beyond the technical aspects of creating masterpieces, Andrew and Christian aim to give their audiences a complete and immersive “human experience and what it means to be alive and seek adventure.” 

Outside the #dreamteam, the pair is making waves in their own right. Based in New York City, Andrew is an award-winning film director, screenwriter, and composer. He is proud to have had his music featured in the many short films and web series, such as the award-winning short “Wrath of the Blood Angel” as well as having provided the score for a recent Lifetime Network feature film “A Daughter’s Plan to Kill.” As a director, he has moved thousands of viewers through his powerful storytelling that genuinely brings them on a journey with the characters. Of his many short films, the standout is sure to be “Batman: Patient Zero,” a Batman fan film that takes a new spin on the Batman mythos. His films have been nominated in festivals across the country and has won several awards for his craft—Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Editing, and Best in Show, to name a few. 

On the other hand, Christian is known for being an executive producer and a multimedia entrepreneur who owns several ventures in digital marketing, production, and filmmaking. Besides having composed for high-end indie production companies, Christian is an experienced sound mixer and designer and is proud of his collaborations on films such as Off the RailsAwakening, Courtside, and more. His work has been featured in film festivals around the country, and he was previously a YouTube Partner in the early stages of the platform.

The duo’s love and dedication for music, film, TV, and every other aspect of the industry have led them to fruitful years of bringing fresh and pure entertainment to audiences globally. Furthermore, Andrew Akler and Christian Ladigoski are looking forward to expanding their circle and working with incredible individuals. Together, they will surely amplify more compelling stories and produce art that would captivate the world.

Learn more and stay connected with the legendary #dreamteam on their personal Instagram: @christianladigoski and @andrewakler12.