Botimi Freed: High School Favorite to Upcoming Global Rap Artist


Botimi Freed is one of the most dedicated artists anyone can find in the music industry today. He was born as Botimi Emmanuel Egei in 1990 in Houston, Texas. Freed is currently residing in Mo County, Maryland, where he and his family moved to when he was 12. Since then, he continues to grow in his music in Mo County. 

Freed discovered his passion for hip hop when he was in his late teenage years. He was 17 when his classmates raved about his music at school. They adored him and asked him to perform for them many times. Every time he showed off his skills in rap, Freed never failed to amaze his peers. They urged him to continue after delivering one song. Their admiration motivated Freed to develop his art even more. 

In 2016, Freed took his passion to the next level. He professionally recorded his first song. Freed did everything he could so that his music would reach the audience it deserves. Aside from that, the talented artist also made several other music pieces. He maximized his various talents in music to garner attention. Freed knew that leveraging his skills across many platforms would propel his career. 

Freed’s devotion to his creator compels him to give his best in all he does. That is why he strives to produce the best music that he can. In everything he does, Freed never executes in mediocracy. He stands out simply because he is genuine about his music. His listeners feel his sincerity through his songs.

His tracks are testaments to how Freed took himself out of poverty and how far he has come. Freed’s music is a celebration of his achievements, big or small. As someone who grew up struggling in many areas, he never let his difficult circumstances define who he was going to be. Today, Freed spends his life with gratefulness. He is fired up with amazing opportunities before him to leave a mark in the industry.

Freed is distinct from other artists because of his chameleon-like mentality. He can effortlessly make every song unique while still staying true to himself. Other rappers may sound alike in all their songs, but Freed is versatile and this special quality of his will spark the interest of music lovers everywhere. 

The upcoming music icon is heavily motivated by the legends in the rap industry. Among those who motivate Freed to do better are Tupac, Outkast, Kanye West, and Mos Def. He aspires to build a name as big as his idols in the future. Without a doubt, with the amount of talent he has, Freed will dominate music charts all over the world.

“You can take your talents as far as you want them,” Freed said. He is taking his talent to a global audience. Soon, he will capture hearts and go on music tours locally and internationally. Indeed, the world is the stage that this amazing musician deserves.

Learn more about Botimi Freed and his music through his Youtube channel.