Black Eyed Peas Drop Vibey New Video for “Vibrations Pt. 1 Pt. 2”


“I feel a vibe in here.”

The Black Eyed Peas created a very zen vibe in their new music video for “Vibrations pt. 1 pt. 2,” released on Friday (Jan. 25).

“This is BEP bringing that organic vibration,” the group says in a press release announcing the new video. And with images of lush greens and a tranquil beat, “Vibrations” is a breath of fresh air. raps that he’s going “back to the soul” and “changing my views.” The track is from their next album Masters of the Sun Vol. 1, which promises a return to BEP’s original hip-hop sound. In “Vibrations,” the group truly does have a “whole new vibe,” as they repeat throughout the song.

Check out the music video below: