Brandon Haymaker: Rising Music Artist Releases Music Video for His First Single “Cocaine Paint”

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What most people perceive to be a downtime for many music artists at this time turned out to be a productive season for rising artist, songwriter, and producer, Brandon Haymaker. The U.S. Army veteran and entrepreneur launched his album called Survival this July 4, 2020. Haymaker recently released the music video for his lead single in the album, “Cocaine Paint,” and it has reached over 10,000 views in a matter of one week.

Haymaker, also known as Brandon Hay and previously as AyoB, considers Survival his best album by far. It features collaborations with popular producer CashMoneyAP and well-known L.A. rapper Ace Bad Ass for the song called “Cut.” Haymaker poured out all his creativity on this record and believes that it will skyrocket in the succeeding weeks as he continues to grow his fanbase steadily.

He is best known for giving unforgettable performances at famous outlets like SXSW and doing front acts for high-profile artists such as Lil Flip, Lil Keke, and Minus Gravity, to mention a few. Haymaker was also instrumental in producing hit songs for Rae Sremmurd, DJ Quik, Lil Jon, Rico Recklezz, Cuban Doll, Jay Rock, Blocboy JB, Rich The Kid, and Dreezy.

Aside from writing good music, he also produces unbelievably good instrumentals for hip-hop, rap, and pop artists. He also works closely with aspiring new artists who wish to make an impact in the music industry. Haymaker helps out either in songwriting, suggesting directions as to the flow of the music, or promoting their songs on various social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram.

Haymaker’s passion for music started at a very young age. He loved performing in front of students and parties singing songs from hip-hop to rap and hardcore metal. He went on to join the army when he finished high school and was deployed in Afghanistan in 2011. While serving the country abroad, music never left his mind. Upon his return from deployment in 2012, he decided to start building his music career while finishing out his military contract, thus moving back home to Phoenix, Arizona. Haymaker started to release singles, mixtapes, and music videos to create awareness for himself. 

To develop his skills further, he enrolled in the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Science (CRAS), where he mastered the technical standards of mixing music to match radio and professional quality. He finished in CRAS at the top of his class after eight months. 

In 2015, Haymaker moved to L.A. and worked in a famous recording studio while trying to build his network at the same time. In 2018, he launched his album called #ditUSA,mia (Designed in the USA, Made In Afghanistan). The album mostly revealed his experience in the army and the life he chose upon returning home. #ditUSA,mia was an instant success as it reached over 50,000 streams. His collaboration with CashMoneyAP and Resource from the Ear Drummers to produce the album proved to be very promising.

Through his music, Haymaker hopes to reach out to fellow veterans and inspire some of them who may be battling PTSD. His message incorporated in his songs always speaks about staying positive and working hard to achieve one’s goals. His life, for instance, is a clear example of what it is like to have come from nothing and become somebody.  

Haymaker believes that by putting God first, he can accomplish anything. Creating a balanced lifestyle is very important to him, and he does this by spending quality time with God, finding new ways to promote his personal brand, and focusing on his daily workouts.

Years from now, Brandon Haymaker sees himself receiving accolades for his contribution to the music industry. He looks forward to one day going on tour with the likes of Drake and Post Malone. One of his primary goals is to show fans that success only comes by giving glory to God through music.

Learn more about Brandon Haymaker by visiting his website. Follow him on Facebook (@brvndonhaymaker), Instagram (@brvndonhaymaker), and Twitter (@brvndonhaymaker) for updates on his latest projects. Check out “Cocaine Paint” on Youtube, and listen to his album Survival, available on all streaming platforms.