COVID-19 Inspires Band “2nd Breath of Redemption” to Create New Rock Music


With the rise of the Coronavirus pandemic, it has affected the world in an unprecedented manner. The health industry, the global economy, and the environment have taken the largest hit from the spread of the COVID-19 disease. The necessary precautionary measures for the novel coronavirus have led to worldwide lockdowns, quarantines, and travel bans, forcing people to stay in the comfort of their homes.

Alongside this unfortunate event, a group of artists has taken the pandemic from a different angle. The band 2nd Breath of Redemption has actually taken the global pandemic as an inspiration for the creation of a unique type of rock music.

Formed in 2013, 2nd Breath of Redemption, composed of song artists Angel Barbosa and Matthew Schultz, created music with a unique yet promising sound. The music style the band focuses on lands on the rock spectrum, ranging from grunge level to hardcore sounds. Back in 2016, the band released their very first Demo entitled “Lesson to Earth.”

However, the sound quality of the demo recording detrimentally affected its popularity to the public. This has not stopped the band from further developing and improving their music quality. This has even led them to what they have achieved today. Recently, the 2nd Breath of Redemption has taken on a more professional road for their newest single, “The Virus.” Mixed and mastered by Julián André Toussaint, the song emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic as its inspiration. 

The 2nd Breath of Redemption band currently works independently and is looking to release their very first professional album this summer of 2020 with the goal of sharing their music to millions of people around the world. Not only do they thrive in the area of rock songs, but they also produce inspirational Christian songs that cater to young and middle-aged religious crowds. The band’s ability to produce Christian music while incorporating some rock vibes is definitely trendy. The songs have a touch of modern sounds and aggressive vocals with some melodic riffs. These features are what make the sound unique to the ears.

While it may be true that the music style of the 2nd Breath of Redemption is still an evolving sound, the band is definitely successful in getting across the inspirational message they wish to share with their listeners. The band aims to take on the role of the voice of hope and wisdom of the younger generation, and they are doing this through their music.

Amidst the chaos today, it is truly a relief to see that, in some way, this has inspired wonderful artists, such as the 2nd Breath of Redemption, to produce music such as “The Virus.” This music may actually help listeners or audiences to cope with the challenges they are facing during these difficult times. This goes to show that among the unfortunate events taking place in the world, there will always be positive things that come with it, and this positivity, together with an awareness of the reality, is what helps us survive.

To listen to the latest single by 2nd Breath of Redemption, you may click here.