Listening to Brandon Mesén is Listening to Music That Listens


People would do anything to blend in because they fear of being the odd one out, and compromise their identities for the sake of society-imposed standards. And while it may seem safer to resort to conformity, doing so actually just causes you to be miserable. So what if you’re weird? Embrace it. This is the message Brandon Mesén tries to incorporate into his music. 

Brandon Mesén, also known as Mesén Around, is truly one to look out for in the music industry. He has played around five hundred (500) shows and has been aired on around one hundred (100) radio stations. Just recently, he was on JUKA Radio in Germany, with over seventy thousand (70,000) people tuning in. Brandon hopes to win some Grammy Awards someday and to tour all around Europe as he brings with him his message of peace, love, and music.

Destined for the music industry, Brandon’s talent sprung at a very young age. When he was still a kid, he would always imagine himself playing in front of his screaming fans. It was this vision that fueled his passion for going after his dream. His teenage years were hard, but creating music kept him sane. And so now, he wishes his music to serve as a safe haven for those who feel left out. 

From his humble beginnings in the streets of West Chester, Pennsylvania, Brandon Mesén is now making his way up to the big leagues with top-selling albums and records which prove to be smash hits. For over a year now, Brandon has been teasing us with his upcoming album – Feels Good To Be A Weird Kid. But this summer, the album is finally getting its much-awaited release.  

In his interviews, Brandon would tell the reason why he named his upcoming album ‘Feels Good To Be A Weird Kid’ – to encourage people to stop feeling bad about themselves for being different. He wants his music to serve as a reminder for us that there is nothing wrong with being weird and that society doesn’t get to decide who belongs and who doesn’t.

Brandon’s music is for everyone to enjoy, but he especially wants it to reach those who have witnessed the pains of getting bullied for being ‘weird’. He wants to empower those who feel like they’ve lost their strength. Brandon’s advocacy is simple, yet meaningful – embrace your weirdness and then feel comfortable in your own skin. One should never have to feel ashamed for being who they are. To Brandon, music is more than just for entertainment – it is a platform for the unheard to be heard once again. Everybody deserves a place in this world, and should always be welcome to leave their marks with pride and confidence. No one should be deprived of the right to march to their own beats, with their heads held high. 

Everyone listens to music, but not everyone gets to listen to music that listens. This is exactly what Brandon Mesén provides – the kind of music that hears you out. With his voice, Brandon also gives back the voices of those who feel like they’ve been muted by the world.

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