Disney and YouTube Star, Gavin Magnus Is Next Biggest Thing Since Justin Bieber

    Photo Credit: Tiffany Rockell

    It’s true what they say—in the music industry, in order to be seen you need to be heard. But in today’s digital era, it’s amazing to see what video platforms can do for an up and coming star.

    Now, you can be seen and heard all at once on one platform. With the rapidly growing nature and sophistication of technology and social media, the ways in which people are utilizing them to grow their image are full of endless potential.

    At 13 years old, Usher had Star Search; his protégé, Justin Bieber, at 12, had YouTube; and now, Gavin Magnus (12) also has YouTube.

    But, how are these up-and-coming child starts like Bieber and Magnus able to manage the pressures of money, fortune, and fame?

    At twelve (12) years old, Magnus has been crushin’ it with a YouTube fanbase of over 200K subscribers and a net worth of over $500,000.

    With the continued support from his family, the Disney star is able to sing, dance, and perform for his fans while his Mom, Theresa, is advising and managing his social media accounts, ensuring that he is in the safest of positions and ensuring he is engaging with all of his fans and followers.

    While outlets like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all have certain age restrictions, most under the age of 13, Magnus’ mom, is able to work with her son and help determine what content is most appropriate and valuable to his community, abiding by the Terms of Service of these outlets.

    Magnus spoke with us about how he feels about these social media platforms at such a young age:

    I definitely have a love/hate relationship for it,” the YouTube star replied. “[The technology] has made it really hard at times…because with popularity, there most definitely comes hatred and negativity. You just have to understand you can’t always please everyone.”

    Magnus, who has dealt with the dark side of fame at an earlier age than most, recently participated in a national anti-cyberbullying social media movement called the #CYBERBYTE Challenge, where he recorded a video to his fans about being kind to one another and not bullying people. The movement, started by internet attorney, Andrew Rossow, has began to make waves throughout Hollywood over the past year as many stars have joined the movement in efforts to reach out to their fans about maintaining good digital hygiene.

    Magnus, no stranger to bullying even at such a young age wants his fans to know that these “haters are just people who want to be you—whether they want to live your life themselves, or are just miserable themselves.”

    He indicated that he eventually wants to travel around the country and speak to kids of all ages about the effects bullying causes.

    The young star’s recent Valentine’s Day single, Crushin’ featuring fellow co-star, colleague, and potential young love interest, Piper Rockelle, is already over 2.7 million views in over just a month.

    There’s no doubt this kid is headed in the same direction Justin Bieber did. And see how successful he has become?