Entrepreneur DJ Chi Oriji Launches Own Music Label to Guide Aspiring Artists

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Passionate disc jockey and serial entrepreneur DJ Chi Oriji understands what it takes to be noticed in the music industry as a serious and promising artist. Quite often, these standards rob aspiring artists of the opportunity to be appreciated and recognized for their unique brand of music. Oriji is changing the industry standard by formally launching his independent music label, Orijinal Music Group, which is specially designed to discover the world’s greatest talents and help them reach their dreams. 

The company is founded on the belief that all artists should be given the opportunity to remain authentic in their unique brand of music and be original in an industry dominated by mainstream pop culture. Regardless of the genre of music that they are inclined to develop, DJ Chi Oriji wants Orijinal Music Group to be a safe haven where rising music stars can produce their songs and develop their craft further. The committed founder is also determined to help artists grow holistically by being mindful of their overall well-being. 

Orijinal Music Group is designed to empower artists to be in control of their art form by giving them the tools and resources they need to master the different aspects of the music industry. By training them to understand the process involved, from the production of their songs to the promotion aspect, DJ Chi Oriji is helping them realize their full potential and be ready for the industry’s real-life challenges. 

“There is so much talent out there but not enough companies who are looking out for the best interests of their artists. I believe in being as transparent as possible with anyone I work with. I want the people I work with to know exactly how much work it takes to become successful in the music industry. These principles motivated me to create a culture for growth not only as an artist but as a human being,” DJ Chi Oriji shares. 

DJ Chi Oriji originally launched Orijinal Music Group in 2017 alongside his brother, Ebube. For the past years prior to its official launching, the Oriji brothers have been involved in artist management, sound engineering, music production, and global event curation. They have been privileged to sign artists Che and Jaey London. Investing their time and resources on Che proved to be very rewarding as he is now a 2020 Grammy nominee for his songwriting in Maxi Priest’s album titled It All Comes Back to Love. 

DJ Chi Oriji launched his professional DJ career in 2013 and has since become one of the world’s most in-demand DJs both in the local and global music scenes. He is best remembered as the headliner DJ for the Austin City Limits Festival in Texas and the Festivent de Levis in Quebec, Canada. He is also the popular founder and curator of the Afrofest Tour, the largest African-Caribbean indoor festival attracting thousands of attendees per show. It tours in ten key cities in the United States. Furthermore, he has also opened for the likes of Davido, Afro B, DJ Tunez, Sean Paul, Burna Boy, and Meg Thee Stallion.

At this point in his career, DJ Chi Oriji aspires to be one of the top youngest moguls in the music industry. He works to expand Orijinal Music Group internationally. As he commits his life to raise the next stars of music, he will be leaving a lasting legacy that will impact lives for many years. 

Find out more about Orijinal Music Group by visiting its website. Follow DJ Chi Oriji on Instagram for updates on his latest projects.