Upcoming Artist Lasaylo Aims to Spread Happiness with Electronic Dance Music

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Music evolves with the times. With the emergence of technology came a new genre called Electronic Dance Music (EDM), captivating parties, nightclubs, and festivals across the globe. Upcoming artist Lasaylo aims to dominate the EDM scene and strives to help people find peace in his music.

Born Bennett Mueller, Lasaylo began making electronic dance music in his bedroom at 19. Upon realizing his passion and talent for the genre, he took his game to a higher league by investing in his own studio. EDM allowed the artist to rekindle his passion for music fully and brought him to see the bigger picture in life. Starting off 2021 with a bang, Lasaylo will be launching many of his creations for the world to listen to.

For as long as he can remember, Lasaylo has been passionate about music. His journey began at age 4 as he took his first piano lesson. However, the artist admits that he is not as engaged with the piano as the other world masters. So he pivoted his attention and energy into sports. With his newfound love, it seemed as if the music was lost in his life forever, but an opportunity to join the middle school band by playing the trombone piqued his interest in music again.

Finding his way back, Lasaylo decided further to explore his talent and natural gifts in music. The artist began joining musical theater and did more  singing. Eventually, he ended up performing with an all-state choir. “That was a blessing, truly. Next though, I went to a concert where an artist named SVDDEN DEATH performed. He blew me away and I fell in love with electronic dance music,” Lasaylo said.

Seeing how audiences got excited with the music in the concert got Lasaylo wondering: “How do these artists do this? How do they make people so happy?” Learning from other EDM artists and aiming for the same reception from his listeners, the artist envisioned creating music that sweeps people off their feet. 

Wasting no time, Lasaylo immediately got to work on his laptop to produce his own sound, and the rest was history. Through EDM, the artist is able to let the world hear what he has to say. He makes music for people who are open to new ideas and enjoy music that deviates from traditional instruments and mediums. “I’m very grateful for everyone that has supported me thus far, and I’m excited to grow the support and put out my support for others via my music,” said the artist.

Unlike others in the scene, Lasaylo does not believe in competing. Instead, he expressed that the EDM scene is far too wide just for a single artist to win. “I’m really honest, and honestly, I sometimes feel like a lot of people could do what I can do. They just need to put in the work. I guess what separates me is the difference between talent and ambition,” said Lasaylo. With support and appreciation of what others can do, he said that everyone with a vision could succeed. 

To learn more about Lasaylo, listen to his music on Spotify.