Alabama Nick Is Building a Legacy in Music With His Signature Country Rap Style

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Music can serve as many functions as the musician or the listener wants it to. It can be meaningless background music, a form of expression for thoughts and emotions, and another method of storytelling. For Southern trap artist and Armed Forces Veteran Alabama Nick, music is a passion and a way to bring attention to the lesser-known high-quality rap game that Alabama possesses.

People say that successful people have visionthey enjoy a position of triumph precisely because they keep their eyes on their ultimate goal. Successful people know what they want right from the start, and they are willing to do whatever it takes to realize that vision. Alabama Nick is a promising new artist who formally launched his career with Miramar Talent Agency in 2019 with a clear picture of his goal in mind: to tour overseas as an international superstar and build a massive fan base in the United States and across the globe.

The road to turning that vision into reality will be challenging, and even that is an understatement. Given the nature of the industry, the various facets to the journey to fame that must be addressed, and the competition, determination, and a single-minded drive to succeed is essential to fulfilling his goals. Still, the southern trap artist knows the implications of such a huge goal, and he is confident that he has what it takes to achieve it.

Alabama Nick has considered himself to be an artist since the day he was born, but it was only recently that he decided to pour his effort into establishing a career in music. “I have a unique voice, flow, and look,” he says, “I have enough talent to be heard, taken seriously, and achieve major success in the music industry.”

This is evident in his versatility and openness to exploring multiple genres in order to master his craft and polish his skills as a musician. Never slacking in putting in the time and effort to pump out tracks that capture his essence as a musician, he is propelling his music career to new heights.

The artist first dabbled in the entertainment industry as an actor in Los Angeles, but he decided that music is where he best belongs. Knowing that his hometown has much to offer in the industry, he is dedicated to bringing attention to the untapped pool of potential that is Alabama.

His new single “Red Cup” has international potential and is already racking up plays and streams on every major platform. The vibe of the track is a melting pot of Caribbean, Latin, and Reggae-ton. “As soon as you hear it, it sends dancing synapses to your brain which  takes over your body,” says Nick. It’s the perfect song for a drive up the coast or a tropical dance club party. He teamed up with his label mate Chefboy Tyree on the hook, who also co-wrote and produced it. Make sure you go stream or download this instant classic ad add it to your favorite playlists! Also, check out some of his other music streaming on all major platforms.

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