PreshLee Brings Honor to Nigerian Roots as He Dominates Afrobeats

PreshLee - MIW
PreshLee - MIW

It is not uncommon for talented individuals to make headlines and take center stage. However, people who are gifted with the ability to use their skills to inspire others and fight for just causes are a real gem in society. In the case of up-and-coming artist PreshLee, his craft serves as the much-needed voice for those struggling to pursue their dreams and realize their ambitions. 

For as long as he can remember, PreshLee has always been passionate about creating beats and producing melodies. According to this rising artist, music was something that came naturally to him. Upon discovering how alive he felt for doing his craft, he wasted no time in jumpstarting a career out of it. Since then, he has been taking significant strides toward the forefront of the industry. 

Although he is determined to make a name for himself, PreshLee understands how hard it is to thrive in a space already saturated with prominent figures and legendary personalities. For this reason, the musician strives to go the extra mile with his artistry and go all-out with his creative outputs. Immensely fueled by the desire to establish his legacy in the industry, he encourages others to be relentless with their pursuits and believe in their capabilities. 

Aside from producing outstanding songs, PreshLee is also acknowledged for promoting the beauty of his heritage and celebrating the richness of his roots. The artist believes that his native country plays a huge role in molding him into the exceptional person he is today. As one of the foremost advocates of African culture, he uses his music as a platform to make his place of origin known to the world. 

African popular music, more prominently known as afro-pop, is a leading genre not just in Africa but also all over the world. Thus, PreshLee is honored to become one of the vessels bringing honor to the said music category. The Nigerian-born artist uses afro-pop with a blend of afrobeat to amplify the best of music in his continent. 

Hailing from Nigeria, PreshLee grew up heavily influenced by music. He spent his teenage years as a drummer and a vocalist in a church choir. At that time, he began writing songs and eventually got to record one of his pieces in 2015. His first smash hit, “Jaabo,” is a heartfelt and motivational song about holding on and never giving up despite trials and adversities. 

In an interview, Preshlee shared that his musical influences include Nigerian singer Wande Coal and hip-hop recording artist Olamide. Since the release of his single in 2016, the budding musician has been unstoppable at his game. As a matter of fact, he came out with new music in 2020 that blow up in DMV USA. 

Got another jam again “YOU GET” the song is a whole-vibe, video was shot in LOS ANGELES,CALIFORNIA by DavePolo Visuals (BlueFace Director) 

He is also planning on dropping a EP this year 2021, date hasn’t been disclosed Indeed, this must-watch artist is one of the few Nigerian musicians raising the flag in America. With no plans of slowing down any time soon, he embraces his dauntless spirit as he continues to take his career to greater heights. 

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