Groov Marro Is a Hip-Hop Artist Who’s on His Way to the Top

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Groov Marro has currently served in the US Army National Guard for six years now. Not only is he a hero to his country, but he is also a rising hip-hop star that’s breaking new ground in the hip-hop industry. He recently released his latest single entitled “Stop Me” on July 27, 2020, which had an official music video that blew up, reaching 2 million views across several major streaming platforms.

He managed to gain those views in a short span of two weeks, garnering him millions of followers and fans that are eagerly awaiting his next release. Groov Marro’s dedication and commitment to his passion for music have allowed him to become efficient in juggling his duties as a man of the military and his music career. 

Groov Marro has worked with countless companies such as S.B. Entertainment, Spill Music Group LLC, Uptown Open Mic, Vibe Star Entertainment, DJ Dior Cartel’s Industry Exposure 2, and Original Block Hustlers. In recent memory, his most notable performance was when he performed alongside the Wu-Tang Clan affiliate, Judah Priest.

He draws his influences from hip-hop legends such as Anderson Paak, Joey Badass, Eminem, Dizzy Wright, Jay Z, Ludacris, Mac Miller, and Hopsin, just to name a few. Groov Marro plucks most of his songs’ lyricism from the many aspects of his personal life and his military career. He ultimately hopes to inspire his fans to see the good even in the worst situations. 

Groov Marro hopes to motivate his audience with his positive viewpoint in life. His music speaks the truth about seeing the good things despite the odds, and how a life-altering decision could shift things for the better. One of his earliest influences was his older brother, who is also a gifted rapper. 

Despite knowing that a music career would be an uphill battle, Groov Marro continued to pursue his passion thanks to his older brother, KAF. To this day, Groov still considers him to be one of the best freestyle rappers that he has encountered in his entire life. Listening to KAF has greatly inspired Groov to change the world through his words.

Groov Marro is unlike any other rapper in the current music landscape. He packs a distinct sound and a powerful sense of lyricism in his music. He exudes positivity through his music as he remains to be his genuine self. There is a certain intimacy in knowing that he takes his real-life experiences and crafts them into music. It’s where his sheer artistry truly comes through in his unabashed authenticity. 

In the near future, Groov Marro envisions himself doing collaborations with some of the modern music industry’s biggest names. He sees himself going on tour and establishing an even bigger audience. Groov wants to be taken seriously in the music industry. He wants to become a profitable artist who generates income left and right from various musical projects and other ventures. 

With his amazing musical talent, his genuine personality, and his songs that are fire, it’s only a matter of time before Groov Marro becomes a household name in the hip-hop music industry. That day will definitely come, and people from all over the world will rejoice at the sound of his music.

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