Renee Flowers Set to Launch Her First Album “SVD THYSLF” with New Music Out Now!

    Photo Credit: Matt Nelson

    Renee Flowers has accomplished so much. Yet with all she has done and achieved, she still has so much to give to the world. In recent days, she has announced an upcoming album entitled SVD THYSLF that is coming very soon. 

    Most fans of Alexandria McHenry, aka Renee Flowers, will know her from her early work in modeling and acting. Today, she is expanding her horizons and creating a brand for herself in the music space. Following the success of two singles, “Plant” and “Snake Master,” she’s ready to blow up streaming platforms and music spheres with more hard-hitting tracks. Her songs have collected more than 120,000 streams to date on YouTube and Spotify and they continue to garner praise and admiration worldwide. 

    As an artist, Renee isn’t one who is ready to conform with the “normal.” “For me, I was just doing what my energy and soul wanted to,” shares the musical artist. “I would get pressured by my friends and family members to be, and act a certain way I could never conform to. I found my love with emotion in not just myself but, others as well.”

    Renee Flowers has endured much in life. At a young age, she tragically lost both parents. While she battled grief and loss, her extended family and ward would push Renee to pursue her dreams. The unending support led her to move to California at the age of eighteen to start a career in entertainment and acting.

    Her big break came when she starred in an Oscar Mayer Commercial. She later got casted for an award-winning independent film Resurrecting Evil. In 2012, she appeared in Playboy Magazine through 2014. She also starred in other feature films, played roles on music videos, and appeared in commercials. She has played roles on television and streaming site films that have aired on various channels and Netflix.

    Today, Renee Flowers looks forward to growing her craft and growing a portfolio in the music industry. She started back in 2019 and has had considerable success since then. Both her original tracks have highly successful music videos that continue to make rounds online. 

    In all she does, Renee seeks only to create for people. She finds joy and fulfillment in writing and performing for others. “I spend all my time creating for people and to feel energy from me in a most positive form,” shares Renee. “I believe my open heart through my pain and struggle is what pushes me to continue.” The artist continues to live life carrying her mantra of love, good vibes, and positivity. For Renee, all her work stems from her innate compassion for others. In the coming years, she also hopes to launch work around the charity realm. She is also an active member of the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers. 

    With so much more to offer to the world, Renee has a future filled with possibilities and a head filled with creativity waiting to turn into more songs, films, and other artistic expressions. To learn more about Renee Flowers and follow her music, check out her website, Spotify, and Instagram account.