Houston Home-Grown Hip-Hop Artist Chris Wade Is on His Way to Top the Music Charts

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Straight from the streets of Houston, Texas, Chris Wade is an authentic, homegrown hip-hop artist climbing his way up the music charts. With a strong, growing discography and a mastery of sound, nothing stands in the talented rapper’s way.

As a child, the 1980s-born Leo had a strong passion for music, which earned him tenured status in the industry. Chris Wade’s intense passion, hunger, drive, and dedication to his craft has gotten him into the recording studios of some of the most prominent music professionals in the world.

Among those that Chris Wade has worked with include Just Brittany, Supa Produca D. Botts (BottzWorld Productions), C-Moe The One (The Narrators), the real DJ Esco, Chris “Kartier” Williams (The Pharmacy), and KalaniOnDaBeat (The Hitz Depot). These collaborations with the music giants and the tracks in Chris’ discography has earned him a devoted fanbase.

There are two EPs which currently reside in the artist’s arsenal. One of which is “CLOSURE 1:43,” produced by Supa Produca D. Botts, and released on July 31, 2018. This is where you will find his most personal works such as “Set You Free” and the great Garth Brooks remake “What She’s Doin Now.” Then there’s “FLEXIN,” which was produced by Chris “Kartier” Williams and was made available last August 15, 2019. This is when Chris Wade makes sure that everyone knows and recognizes that he’s no part-timing new-comer, but instead a seasoned vet with hits like “Flexin,” “Smoke-A-Long,” and “Save Me.”

On how he creates such an authentic sound, the rapper discloses, “I make music with a real-life meaning that you can feel and relate to because they come from my own real-life experiences. A lot of these new artists coming out today just throw songs together and put out butt-loads of music without substance. Music is worth more than that to me.”

Having been a rapper for nearly 20 years, Chris Wade is well-versed in the hip-hop genre’s trends and truth. His tracks reflect his years of experience and his unfaltering devotion to his craft. 

While working on new content to keep his fans satiated, Chris Wade performs on and offstage with enough intensity to heat a cold winter’s day. The artist’s performances radiate the star quality he has always believed himself to host. With his musical mindset, powerful stage presence and a twinkle in his eye, Chris Wade entrances his audience and leaves every venue with more supporters than he had going in.

Presently, the hip-hop artist has only released one new single for 2020 called “Gettin It In” (ft WyFy) but is working on a new EP set to rock the music world this December. This time, C. Wade’s working with the talented, internationally-known KalaniOnDaBeat, whose skill set is packed full of surprises, allowing Wade to bring back some familiar sounds of the 80s and early 90s. The highly anticipated EP entitled “#EIGHTIESBABY” is expected to do big numbers all around. Stay tuned as Chris Wade shoots his shot for the top seat in the game.

Chris Wade does not just dominate the stage by night. By day, he is a self-employed contractor who specializes in building custom studios. With his pristine, trustworthy reputation followed up by his work, the word flies fast and is often heard about in the field. He’s built studios all around Houston and his work remains on display at Bottzworld Studios, The Houston Basement, The Pharmacy, 50/50 Lifestyle 24/7 and The Hitz Depot, to name a few. So if you’re looking to have a studio built and don’t know a contractor who can do it right, you know who to call.

Possessing multiple talents, the artist has also ventured into other art forms, recently wrapping up filming for an upcoming movie called “Karma,” A Brothers Forever Production. The film is set to premiere on November 4 and was his first role and acting experience. Declared a natural by the cast and crew, Chris Wade was heavily praised and applauded for his on-point performances. This talented actor/artist always finds a way to keep himself relevant and under the spotlight.

To get to know Chris Wade better, the rapper’s tracks are available on all music streaming platforms. Updates of his upcoming shows/releases can be found on the artist’s official website.