Indie Artist Marketing In The Digital World


The music industry is a lot different from what it once was. When you think about it, it wasn’t too long ago that we said our goodbyes to cassettes and welcomed in a new era of digital libraries of mp3s. With the internet making music more accessible than it has ever been, the way in which we distribute, buy and sell music has changed dramatically. What does this all translate to for the industry?

The online playing platform for music has given artists a myriad of avenues with which they can self-promote on their own terms and drop the content that sits well with them. Big names like Wix music artists Karmin and Lil Dicky have totally embraced the digital landscape and they have achieved so much success and recognition just from selling their own content on their own websites, sometimes even giving it away for free.

The advent of the digital world does not translate to the death of making a living as a musician but rather it has brought a new lease of life for those who are ready to exploit it.

Artist no longer need big labels to put food on their table. If you asked any artists a few years ago what their main aim of being into music was, they will all tell you that they dream of one day being signed with a record label that will help them achieve the success they dream of. But today you do not really need the record labels to be known and get recognition. We have seen independent artists like Macklemore, Karmin, and Tekashi 69 all doing it on their own and all they need is a beautiful website and some creative marketing.

When you have the talent and you let your music do most of the talking, you are on course to attaining the success and recognition you desire. If you have a website where you promote your content, you should include a music player visibly on the site and this app should allow users click and listen to your content without hassles. When you build a reasonable fan base, you can then decide whether or not you want to charge for content going forward or you just want to continue building the audience.

There are so many ways to eventually make money from music even after giving it away for free for the longest time. Once you have a community of loyal fans, you can go on tours and you can sell merchandise in the way that Chance the Rapper has done and achieved great success. You just have to be patient and keep putting in the work and in no time you will be on the path to total domination.